There are so many citrus essential oils to choose from that Young Living carries: OrangeGrapefruitLemonTangerine, Bergamot and Mandarin, and blends: Citrus FreshSlique EssencePurification.

My family and I use citrus essential oils for everything, from burning belly fat, Candida control, house cleaning, staying well  to being in a good mood.  Please read here...

While therapeutic grade citrus essential oils taste delicious, they exhort emotional as well as protect cells and DNA.

Here are the notes from the educational audio below:

  • In over 50 studies are proven to be the most powerful antioxidant product
  • enhance the flavor of food/drink
  • when used on skin - age slowing effect
  • aroma - dramatically effect your mood, suppresses your appetite
  • inexpensive
  • Italian university of Messina found that 40-60% of citrus essential oils on the market (Orange, Mandarin & Lemon) have pesticides;  processing increases the amount of pesticides by 13% (i.e. orange oil)
  • emotional response (Lemon & Grapefruit - positive & invigorating, increase relaxation, mental awareness)
  • stimulating and calming at the same time
  • studies in Japan - worked like anti-depressants and immune system; Orange & Lavender (inhalation)- anti-anxiety effect
  • rotate essential oils every couple days to better observe & experience the oils - better breathing
  • if using citrus oils, people will associate you with uplifting mood
  • use with affirmation when in a good mood to amplify the effect, re-play in your mind the memory
  • blend (top notes) with other oils
  • blend with heavier notes oils for stability
  • might increase sensitivity to the sun
  • full of petrochemicals
  • provide plant with cell-damaging radiation and toxins neutralizing defense; same effect for us
  1. Activate positive nervous system response, immunity, circulation, blood-sugar balance 
  2. Build defenses, balance, by being antioxidant  
  3. Cleanse - antiseptic for colon, kidney, liver, lymph, cardiovascular and skin, lungs. 

Limonene phytochemical - study in Osaca, Japan; improve the ability of cells to protect by 50% reduce harmful cell growth.  Increased production of liver enzymes, Glutathione,  which protect the liver.

Study on orange oil - increased ability, 80%, in strength and ability of maintaining normal healthy cells

Search for Limonene studies:

kinase activity in human aortic smooth muscle cells.

Citrus limonene and its glucoside inhibit colon adenocarcinoma cell proliferation through apoptosis

Inhibition of P-glycoprotein activity by limonene and other secondary metabolites from Citrus species in human colon and leukaemia cell lines

The study below "evaluated the hypothesis that untreated and irradiated grapefruit as well as the isolated citrus compounds naringin and limonin would protect against azoxymethane (AOM)-induced aberrant crypt foci (ACF) by suppressing proliferation and elevating apoptosis through anti-inflammatory activities."

Young Living audio

Educational video Citrus Oils, The Therapeutic Value Realized From the Rind

 on Youtube


  • most of therapeutic value of citrus fruit is found in the rind
  • use daily
  • was brought in 1747   by a naval doctor James Lynn who demonstrated the effect of fresh lemon to eliminate scurvy
  • phyto chemical limonene promotes healthy cell immune function, helps cells, and really deeper than that, even DNA to stay protected and avoid all kinds of different situations where they can be changed, mutated into undesirable form or killed
  • US National  library of Medicine, PubMed, reveals 1,784 studies on d-limonene 
  • D-limonene scientifically proven to be one of the most powerful cell protectant, anti-oxidant, anti-aging and   health promoting   in the world  Specifically, it protects healthy cells from damage,  discourages mutation and harmful cell proliferation.  And of course, we know how important that is in today's world when our cells are truly under attack
  • very cost effective
  • a few drops in your water, under your tongue, in a drink, to smoothies, to meal replacements
  • another well researched compound - citro.  Found to promote healthy metabolism and decrease appetite.  Is employed in weight management products.
  • scientists reported in May 2011 in the Indian journal of pharmacology enhances metabolism and reduces accumulation of fats by hindreing the formation of fat cells. 
  • particularly Grapefruit.  Try different citrus oils to find the one that works for you best
  • great diuretic - eliminates excess water with toxins in it
  • corrects emotional imbalance, instantly elevate mood
  • cleanse skin, reduce legs and abdominal    
  • cleaning and disinfectant 
  • can be added to dishwasher
             Orange oil - feeling of security, peace and joy, 96% of d-limonene

             In 2003 Thai and Austrian researchers investigated the physiological and behavioral effects - stimulating, improved alertness  and elevated mood

             Grapefruit -  89-95 % its fresh aroma is  energizing and uplifting, the scent can balance the appetite  

             Lemon - a tonic for supporting the nervous and sympathetic nervous systems

             In 2008 study in psycho and neuro-endocrenology found that inhalation of lemon essential oil   improved mood              balances the autonomic nervous system, which is a key to maintaining a bio-chemical balance

  • Use lemon oil for the first onset of the cold or chills - on the soles of the feet, rub all over when feeling chills, inhaling.
  • don't use on skin when in the sun
  • Add tangerine oil to NingXia Red, calms  the mind and body, irritability, aids digestion, decreases the appearance of the stretch marks;  up to 93% d-limonene  
Make sure the citrus oil you're using is authentic - most citrus oils are sprayed with the pesticides, unlikeYoung Living (seed to seal).

Diffuse citrus with spearmint, mint, or wintergreen with grapefruit, orange or tangerine

When added to food - tremendous benefit.

To your health !!!




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