Unfortunately, there are only 2% of high quality medicinal essential oils in the world.  The industry is unregulated, and most essential oils are either of poor quality and are adulterated.

     Today much of the lavender oil sold in America is hybrid called lavandin, grown and distilled in China, Russia, France, and Tasmania.  It is brought into France and cut with synthetic linalyl acetate to improve the fragrance.  Then propylene glycol, DEP, or DOP (solvents that have no smell and increase the volume) are added, and it is sold in the United States as lavender oil.
    Cheap Frankincense is cheaply distilled with gum resins, alcohol, or other solvents, leaving the essential oil laden with harmful chemicals.   Sadly, when these cut, synthetic, and adulterated oils cause rashes, burns, or other irritaions, people wonder why they do not get the benefit and conclude that essential oils do not have much value.
   There are huge chemical companies on the east coast of the US that specialize in creating synthetic chemicals that mimic every common essential oil.  For every kilogram of pure essential oil that is produced, it is estimated that there are between 10 and 100 kilograms of synthetic oil created.
   Synthetic oils can produce unwanted side effects or toxicities.  Isolated compounds may be harmful; however, pure essential oils, in most cases, are not.

Over the years, in search of effective essential oils, I have had my share of disappointment. Fortunately, I found Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils, which can be taken internally.
I have had good results using their products time and time again, and because of these results, have dedicated my life to sharing my experience with others.
Young Living essential oils are produced from plants, grown at optimal conditions, and are distilled at low temperature and pressure to preserve the most constituents.
Every essential oil is rigorously tested, and is not sold, unless it adheres to the high quality standard set by its founder, Gary Young. Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils are organic or wild-crafted, and many are Kosher.
Therapeutic Grade Essential OIls quality was created by its founder, Gary Young, to emphasize the high medicinal constituents and purity of his product.
The Young Living company was found in 1993. It has passed FDA audit in 2013!

Here is what other people say/write about Young Living:

"These oils are God in little bottles." Wayne Dyer at 2013 Young Living convention.

Daniel Penoel, M.D: "I congratulate Gary [Young] for his incredible agricultural and distillation accomplishments in Utah and Idaho. This is precisely my picture of 'healing the planet' and creating a vast, beautiful and fragrant garden.

His permanent collaboration with French growers and distillers creates a strong link starting from the earth and from the world of plants themselves.May he find here my deep wishes for the beginning of a new unification process in North American aromatherapy."   Read more...

My deepest gratitude to Dr.Gary Young, N.D.  
for his monumental work, making and bringing the therapeutic grade essential oils to the United States.   This web site is dedicated to the knowledge of his products.  

Here is a more in-depth explanation about the quality of essential oils:
Understanding The Grades Of Essential Oils                          
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