On May 12 2018 - we lost Gary.  

It is very hard for me to take, as Gary made such an impact on my life. 

Since discovering his amazing true miracles in the bottles, their effect in supporting the body, mind and the spirit, I dedicated most of my life to learning about the essential oils, and sharing my knowledge.  

My childhood creative talents came back and blossomed!  
Not only did I create my web site, I wrote a book and a lot of music, and have been taking photos my friends enjoy! 

This morning, my husband thanked me for relieving his frozen shoulder discomfort.  That made me feel so good as these very essential oils pushed us closer together as a family!  

To be able to take good care of my family is my priority.  And I have been so fortunate to be there for others in their most trying times.   
That means a lot to me!

Good bye Gary!  But you will never be forgotten...

I will forever treasure your book signed by you, and the classes I took with you.  

Thank you from the bottom of my crying heart!

I was so fortunate to have learnt from you...

May 16, 2018