Hello friends.

I would like to introduce myself a little, and share my health transformation experiences  with you.

I grew up in Kiev, Ukraine, and moved to the US in 1980.

Since early childhood, my parents taught me to eat a lot of fresh veggies and fruit, and made vegetable juice  for me every day.  I don't remember ever taking medications.

My early experiences with herbal medicine were quite rewarding, while conventional medicine left emotional and physical scars.

Early on in life, I had Candida - probably since I was 1 week old, (or even earlier), when I had Pneumonia.  For years, doctors made me feel like a celebrity for having a "geographic tongue".  In reality, Candida made groves in my tongue, and covered it with white lines.

While looking for a solution for my son diagnosed with Asthma,  I found the solution for my overgrown Candida.

Before my son got sick, I lost both of my parents to Cancer.  They both underwent the ordeals of conventional treatment.  My mother was humiliated, and suffered from so much pain, that she tried to commit suicide.  Being unprepared and not expecting this, I "saved" her life...  It happened in 2002, half a year after 9/11, and 
 was a hard and daunting lesson in life...

Raising my son, taking care of my dog, myself and family, I used only holistic remedies and treatment.  I went to holistic practitioners, but I also studied, read and implemented many therapies myself.

I re-invented myself: from a computer professional, I became holistic-minded.  Starting with the book on colon by Norman Walker, I learnt juicing, wheat grass healing, raw living nutrition, homeopathy, Reiki, acupressure, energy medicine, Reflexology, herbal medicine,  and urine therapy.   I read about and tried any holistic discipline that seamed promising.

Spiritual information and personal experiences changed me 180 degrees.  

The pinnacle of my studies was discovering Aromatherapy.  For the first time, I was able to achieve results quickly and effectively!  

I helped my son many times with Asthma, practically getting rid of all mucous overnight, was able to balance my stomach from twisting, took care of my husband to recuperate from anesthesia, most recently, saved root canals of my 2 teeth, got rid of bone spur, was able to get well from a sore throat in 1 day, quickly fix a sinus problem , stopped agony for a friend who severely injured her back, assisted a paralyzed after vaccination child recover, took care of my sciatica, lost 11 1/2 toxic lbs in 4 weeks, /and on and on...

The most eye opening experience for me was caring for my mother-in-law, who was dying from cancer.

From laying in bed with her eyes closed, she transformed into a physical therapy goer!  If I did not see it with my own eyes, I would not have believed it.
Unfortunately, her cancer progressed too far by the time we found out, plus her daily dose of ice cream did not help her get better.  However, I am happy I made her last days comfortable, unlike my parents'.

The most rewarding experience as of yet, has been using essential oils for a baby, who was paralyzed.

Through all my experiences, I learnt that emotions and our subconscious and conscious mind are at the root of all of our problems.  To get well, you need to restore emotional balance first.  

I have been really fortunate to come across the best, when it comes to quality and knowledge, aromatherapy  company in the world.   

I read many books and compared many healing strategies. There is only 1 % of high quality therapeutic grade essential oils in entire world, and Young Living is the leader.  In fact, Gary Young created and implemented the high quality standard himself. 

I took classes with Young Living, and never miss an opportunity to learn from Gary Young and experiences of other Young Living members.   I can not stop learning and analyzing, and constantly take classes, not only in Aromatherapy, but also nutrition and other wholistic topics.  

Using Young Living products helps me achieve effective results quickly and almost effortlessly.  
Besides, I can use their products for cleaning, body, bath and shower, rejuvenation,  nutrition, and family health every day.

I have my Candida and stress under control, released a lot of my emotional pain stored in my body and am able to take care of my family's health holistically.  I am a happier and calmer person.  

I am proud of my own learning and achievement, even though, I had to fight my way through in my own family.

My aspiration is to be there for others, and share my knowledge and experience with anyone who wants to know.

I created a web site and write a blog for my friends, which is open to anyone, on many health topics.   

Most of all, I love life and people, and wish everyone to be well and not suffering.

I'd love to hear from you.

Truthfully yours,
 Eugeniya Hilzinger