I do consulting in incorporating Living Foods Lifestyle® and French Aromatherapy into your life to stay healthy.

Over the past 16 years, I have studied in the fields of Aromatherapy and living foods.  I earned certificates in International Aromatherapy and Metabolic Pathways and Strategies.  I also practiced and earned certificates for Living Foods Lifestyle® and did a one month internship at the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute.  I have incorporated both, Aromatherapy and Living Foods Lifestyle® into my daily life to support my mental, neurological, physical and spiritual well-being with good results, and have been fortunate to share my knowledge and experience with others.

Living Foods Lifestyle® was developed by Dr. Ann Wigmore based upon three decades of research. Among her many accomplishments, Ann Wigmore was presented with a Recognition Award for work in the field of Youthfulness and for Efforts in Regeneration of Human Cells and Tissues in 1971. Living foods are uncooked nutritious foods such as greens, vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, and sprouted seeds which are needed optimal health. 

French school International Aromatherapy is the use of medicinal quality essential oils to effectively balance and support our body, mind and spirit.  Aromatherapy is the oldest form of medicine, used effectively around the world for centuries.  Of late, its health supporting properties have been recognized by mainstream medicine, and has been extensively researched in many countries.  (I.e. Pubmed, the US Nat Lib of Medicine at the NIH, has over 10,000 research records on Aromatherapy.)  In France, insurance companies recognize and pay for Aromatherapy medical treatment.

I am available for a consultation, or at home visit.

Also, if you are need someone to go with you to a health-regenerating place and need assistance, I could come with you.  My preferences are the Gulf Coast and Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute.  However, I am open to others.

Eugeniya Hilzinger

E-mail:                             rainbow1_9@msn.com
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Some of my YouTube lists:  To Be Or Not To Be Sick - " FDA Approved "
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I am conducting lectures

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Giving a lecture at the University of Adelaide
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Spent the day working with student teachers. 6.1, 6.2, 7.1, 7.2

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