My father used to say an old saying in Russian that there is a need to rush only when catching fleas.  

A good lesson in life, as we always want quick results.  And in health as well.  

We need a few things to live a healthy life:
  • fresh air
            Without the air, we can not survive.  
            Just like a candle needs air, our cells need to breath and exude bad air out. 
  • fresh plant food giving us energy
                Fresh plants and trees have nutrients, enzymes, yeasts, minerals and beneficial bacteria.
                When we process fresh food at a temperature higher than their boiling point, we destroy all the benefits.

                Chemically treated food, junk and fast food, personal products and medications poison our organs, including our brain, disrupting all the complex balanced processes inside us.

                Medications either derived from plants or synthetic, are unbalanced.  They make us perform one function.  
                On the other hand, plants are balanced, and support more than one function in our body.  

                Medications turn us into robots.  Sick robots, overcrowding the hospitals.  All these helpless people counting on someone else to solve their problems...  

                Unless we make fundamental changes, we will not get results.  It is one day at a time.
  • moving is so important
            I see people trying hard to lose their stomachs by running.  Yet, they take a car to go 2 blocks to a restaurant.
  • Emotions, how we react to life situations is of a higher importance
                All our health issues start right there.

Why did I mention catching fleas?  

Because we always look for a quick solution for that ONE problem.  

A vivid example you may appreciate is how our legs and feet get numb after we read a book while sitting on a toilet.  
You see - the problem is not in the feet!  :)    

To Health!

With Love,