Unless it's an injury, most health conditions occur when we accumulate too many toxins, physical and emotional, have a bad posture, don't manage stress, and under-nourish ourselves.

It is up to us to correct these imbalances, as no-one else will care, or will simply want your money.

The quickest way to cleanse is to start from the bottom, by doing an enema.

I created a very simplified video to emphasize this simple fact.

Other ways can be taking capsules with therapeutic grade essential oils, increasing probiotics, adding therapeutic grade essential  oils to your food, though it would take longer.

Since 70% of having a healthy immune system depends on your gut health (just like using a good gas for your car), paying attention to your digestion will bring big rewards.

Here is something for your to ponder about: 
Years ago, my friend couldn't get pregnant.  I recommended her to go for colonic irrigation - she thanked me big time!

Here is one of my old posts, which has detailed information on cleansing the colon and other organs, as well as balancing endocrine and other systems, as well as chakras and emotions: 

To Health!  Na Zdorovie!