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I can order Young Living products for you, or you can do it on your own.

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Before you order, please consider the information below.

Becoming a member of Young Living 

There are 2 types of membership:

Retail Customer: 
With this option, you will pay full price for all Young Living Products. Benefits include FREE sign up, and there is never any obligation. You will receive email announcements of company product specials.

Preferred Customer:

With this option, you will receive a 24% savings on all products. There is NO requirement to make a monthly purchase, but you need to order a kit (minimum price $45) in order to setup the account. Distributors are obligated to purchase at least one time every twelve months. In addition to the savings, wholesale buyers may earn a 15% reward (a rebate) back on orders (Essential rewards). Additionally, if interested, distributors can participate in an affiliate referral program. 

Every month, Young Living offers free product specials, depending on how much you spend.  You get more free products on the Essential Rewards orders. (see example of the  distributor's first order at the bottom of this file)

Preferred Customer becomes Business builder when they enroll other members.                                                                                                         These members enjoy the benefits of the Compensation Plan

The Essential Rewards Bonus was originally a temporary promotion that gave business-builders a $15 bonus for helping new team members get on board with the benefits of Essential Rewards, but members loved it so much that it’s here to stay! As you continue to enroll friends and family with ER, you’ll receive this bonus!

Professional Account:

  • No monthly minimums or fees
  • 40% discount off retail price
  • perfect for businesses

Essential rewards

Check monthly promotions for more savings.

You earn 10% months 1-3, 20% 4-24 and25% at months 25+ in points. 

Good luck!!!

If you need help, feel free to E-mail me at: or call at 201-218-4667.  

Note: When you click on the Order button below, you will be sent to the ordering site. When there, if  you scroll up, you will see all the info about the products available and about the company.

Please note that there are different membership rules for different countries.  Check for the latest updates.

As of this Saturday, November 3rd 2018, to have your first Essential Rewards order when you sign in to become a member, you need to select the Essential Rewards option right away.

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Young Living Product Catalog

Here are some answers about the membership  

Here is more info on earning a commission from signing new members.  More info on the company's web site. 

10:21:30 AM [Eugeniya] Hi. How much money does my friend need to become a member?
10:21:50 AM [Eugeniya] Does she have to buy a basic kit?
10:22:32 AM [Eugeniya] But then, she does not have to be on ER to receive money from other people signing under her, correct?
10:24:23 AM [Tahza B] Good morning Eugeniya! If someone would like to become a wholesale member, they would be required to purchase a Starter Kit. The Basic Starter Kit is $45 before tax and shipping. However this would also depend on what the member wanted to purchase.
No, members are not required to be enrolled in the Essential Rewards program.

10:25:21 AM [Eugeniya] And she would still get money if she signs up others, even if she does not buy that month?
10:27:20 AM [Tahza B] To earn commissions from any downline members, you would need to purchase at least 100PV each month you would like the commission. However when you first sign up a member, you can qualify for the enrollment bonuses by purchasing at least 50PV for the first 3 consecutive months.
10:28:22 AM [Eugeniya] Thank you.
10:29:23 AM [Eugeniya] In other words, she only has to buy %50 every month, for 3 month, when she signs a new member, to get the commission
10:30:08 AM [Tahza B] You're welcome! They would need to purchase at least 50PV, yes you are correct!
10:30:18 AM [Eugeniya] Thank you!

An example of signing up for the Essential Rewards and getting free products with the first order

#3336 = En-R-Gee Essential Oil - 15 ml                  1  @  $25.50 = $25.50 (W/Tax $27.51) --> PV = 25.5
   #3530 = Cypress Essential Oil - 15 ml                   1  @  $19.75 = $19.75 (W/Tax $21.31) --> PV = 19.75
   #3607 = Palo Santo Essential Oil -  5 ml                1  @  $35.50 = $35.50 (W/Tax $38.30) --> PV = 35.5

   #3581 = Lemongrass Essential Oil - 15 ml                1  @  $11.50 = $11.50 (W/Tax $12.41) --> PV = 11.5

   #22397 = Premium Starter Kit w/Desert Mist Diffuser      1  @  $160.00 = $160.00 (W/Tax $169.60) --> PV = 100

   #3315P = Christmas Spirit Essential Oil - 15 ml *Promo*  1  @  $0.00 = $0.00 (W/Tax $0.00) --> PV = 0

   #5633P = Nutmeg Vitality™ - 5ml *Promo*                  1  @  $0.00 = $0.00 (W/Tax $0.00) --> PV = 0

   #5313P = Northern Lights Black Spruce - 5ml *Promo*      1  @  $0.00 = $0.00 (W/Tax $0.00) --> PV = 0


         Total PV = 192.25

      Sales Total = $252.25

         Shipping = $6.99

     Shipping Tax = $0.42

   Fuel Surcharge = 0

   Taxable Amount = $281.38

        Total Tax = $16.88

      Order Total = $276.54

Wholesale prices for the free products the member received are:
 Nutmeg Vitality™                     $13.25USD
Northern Lights Black Spruce $24.50USD
Christmas Spirit Essential Oil   $10.50USD
Totals to $48.50

Additionally, the new member will receive 10% points of the total order back to use to get free products.  In this case, it will be $19.26