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Note: since adoption of the new county oil and gas ordinance, we have not been regularly updating this website. 
For more information about, and to get involved with, ongoing fracking and other oil-related issues in the San Benito County area, please see or contact Mary Hsia-Coron or Kate Woods at

See the Upcoming Events page for local happenings relevant to these issues

Some petitions and other actions sponsored by outside groups:

Sign a petition asking Governor Jerry Brown to ban fracking in California

Send a letter to Interior Secretary Jewell today telling her we want no new areas opened for fracking on federal lands

Sign petition to President Obama asking for a fracking moratorium

Ask your representatives to ban fracking in California

Join our on-line groups

Facebook group
Google group (note: to have full access to the Google group you need to sign up for a Google account.)

Talk with your neighbors about this issue

We want all members of our community to be aware of the potential for oil and gas extraction in our area, and about the risks of signing leases for oil/gas drilling without first learning of all the potential impacts.  Please talk with your neighbors about this.  Encourage them to join the Google group and the A.C.E. Facebook page.  Our community needs to have a full, open discussion about this issue; all perspectives are welcome and encouraged.