About Us

Aromas Cares about our Environment (ACE) is a group of Aromas community members dedicated to the stewardship of our local environment.  The group formed upon discovering that some unknown entity was searching for oil reserves under Aromas.  Therefore, our first focus has been learning about, monitoring for, and educating the public about possible oil and gas extraction in our area and ensuring that sufficient safeguards are in place to protect our water supply and air quality.  None of us is an expert in this field, so there has been a steep and rapid learning curve involved here.

Join us, learn about the issues, and contribute to our effort through the Contact and Join page.  Through that page, you can connect with our 200-member Facebook group and/or our nearly 100-member Google group.  These two virtual gathering places are where much of our initial fact-finding and information-sharing has taken place, and the links on this website have mostly come from contributions to those sites.  Aware that oil and gas drilling in general, and some of the techniques used in particular, are hot-button issues right now, we are trying to seek out and consider information from multiple sources and perspectives, so we encourage you to share yours.

July 25, 2012, ACE public meeting, at which geologist Jerry Weber                                       explained oil drilling and fracking technologies

A group of community members has come together to help organize research and outreach efforts, and to coordinate the efforts of the community at large.  This Coordinating Committee is made up of the following members:

Maureen Cain
's background is in broadcasting and education.
She works part-time at the Aromas Water District and engages full-time in being as upbeat as possible.

Patricia Lerman
moved with her family to Aromas in the fall of 1989 and was welcomed by the 7.1 magnitude Loma Prieta earthquake 2 1/2 weeks later.
She fell in love with Aromas' clean air, safe water, abundant plant life, beautiful rural setting, and supportive, creative community. She is involved with ACE to ensure that Aromas remains a special place to live.

Wayne Norton
moved to Aromas in 1985. He has been involved in a number of community organizations and activities. He became involved in ACE to preserve the quality of life that he has come to cherish.

Vicki Morris
moved to Aromas in 1980 and raised her family here to enjoy the rural country life. She has actively pursued her passion for water quality for twenty years in her professional life and shares this concern and experience with ACE.

Polly Goldman
and Jim Leap moved to Aromas in 2010.  Jim has been working in sustainable agriculture research and education on the Central Coast since 1990; Polly works in agricultural research.  They are working towards producing much of their own food on their 4-acre property, a goal for which a clean and protected water supply is critical. 

Seth Capron
arrived at the Anzar Hills in 1970 on his bicycle and continues to enjoy peddling the hills. Even as Aromas has grown and changed, he feels that our connection with the land is what grounds most of us to our home here. Seth works with a local nonprofit building housing and community.

Phyllis Shafton Katz
has been an Aromas resident since 2003.  She and her family were drawn to Aromas as a friendly and beautiful place to live.  Phillis cares deeply about the well-being and health of people and wildlife and about the environment.  She enjoys learning new information and has been fascinated by how involvement with ACE has increased her knowledge and concerns about oil and gas exploration and extraction.