Arnon Dror is a specialist in the world of finance and operations and has led various companies through business turnarounds and acquisitions. In the past, he has worked as an executive for companies such as Scitex, Kodak, Xerox, Creo, and Presstek, before joining Janus Technologies as its Senior Operations Executive.

Arnon Dror leads with expertise in the areas of finance including accounting, treasury, FP&A, M&A; operations which include IT, business processes, legal, supply chain, and more. Mr. Dror is involved in real estate investments, cybersecurity, and printing industry. He managed the Kodak Global Supply Chain transformation, delivering $120 million cash savings between inventory and distribution cost. During his stint with other companies, he spearheaded negotiations and implementations that worked for the welfare of those companies.

Mr. Dror keeps an eye on the newest technologies, especially gadgets and cars, and is a fan of Amazon. He is also an ardent supporter of the New England Patriots and the Boston Celtics, never missing a game on TV and finds time to watch their games live.

Mr. Dror graduated with a degree in Economics and Business Administration and an MBA in Finance from Hebrew University of Jerusalem.