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Introduction to Arnis Rapado 

 Short Introduction to Arnis Rapado's basic strikes with defenses. 

Demonstrated by Guro Limuel "Maning" Bonsa and Lakan Jae Ranjo III.


Arnis Rapado - Sinawali defense application and Espada Y Daga 

Defense application of Sinawali and a short Espada Y Daga (sword and dagger) demo.

Guro Limuel "Maning" Bonsa and Lakan Jae Ranjo in Manila, Philippines

Arnis Rapado - Basic Disarming Techniques

Basic Arnis Rapado Disarming Techniques by Master Bonsa & his daughter.

Department of Tourism Demonstrations 2003

Knife Defenses - Guro Limuel "Maning" Bonsa and Ron Jaworski

Espada Y Daga (Bolo & Knife) defenses against a Bolo