Rob Guttenberg


I met Rob at Blues Week in 1992 and recorded keyboard tracks on his first two albums, "Living Every Day" and "When Love Comes Rushing In."

Rob is an Adlerian Psychologist.  Here's his own website.

The song, "Bomb in my Brain" is about Rob's experience in 1983 at age 29 with a brain hemorrhage.  The hemorrhage, left him with severe physical and cognitive impairments,  after which he had to relearn how to speak, walk and play music.  I think it is one of the most powerful personal expressions I have ever heard.  See his bio to learn more.

In 1994 I recorded keyboard tracks on Rob's CD, "When Love Comes Rushing In."  The renowned Celtic guitarist Al Petteway played guitar on the first track listed here.  Al has been featured on several PBS specials including the Ken Burns' film about Mark Twain.

Is A Good Love (Really Worth Its Weight in Pain)?

Like a Lover

Boogie Woogie

Is a Good Love Really Worth Its Weight in Pain?  

Bomb in My Brain

The Night for Falling in Love 

If You Love That Politician 

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