Arnie's creations

I made these multi-track recordings in 1987 with my Yamaha DX7 synthesizer and two cassette tape recorders

In order to spend more time at home being a daddy to my 2 young children, I bowed out of music entirely from 1977 through August 1988 when I joined Mirage. 

In 1986 I bought myself a Yamaha DX7 synthesizer for my 40th birthday and put down the second two tracks using two cassette tape recorders. There was no "click track," so I had to manually maintain the correct tempo. In addition, I had to remember how many verses/choruses there were between tracks.

I laied the drum tracks down first, followed by bass, then the melody and finally other embellishments such as rhythm and secondary melody lines.

Today's computers can do this kind of thing with little effort.

Here are some of my creations

The following were created using the DX7 synthesizer plus two tape recorders:

Boogie Woogie (written in 1928 by Pinetop Smith)

I Long For Home (written by Wayne Jones, played by Arnie Reed)

An unexpected heart attack took Wayne from us at age 25.

Foolin' Around (my own improvisation on the spot)

Pipeliine (Chantays)

 This would be a simple process today, but in 1987 it took me many days to create.

The Yamaha DX7 was the first commercially available digital synthesizer, and the first to be able to produce a percussive sound like a piano. 

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