Gardner High School
Class of 1958


On this Web Site and its pages, you will find a lot of pictures and memories of the Class of 1958 as they traveled through their educational path in the Gardner, Kansas school system. Please enjoy this trip down Memory Lane with us!





                                                            I said put it over the plate!

           There's always time to practice!                                                                                        VROOM, VROOM!

                                                                                                   Our bevy of beauties!           Camp Shawnee was never the same.


                                                  Making beautiful music                     And another touchdown for the Blazers!

                    Nice outfit, Buddy!                        Rogue's gallery in uniform               Connie, has his cooking gotten better?

                Honest, it's only soda!                            Love me tender, love me true!        I told you we should have run away!

              Hey, let's go on a hayride!                       Now I know why I like hayrides!              Boy, that hay sure itches!

                                              Our own Junior Sweetheart! It's how cold?                 Now Larry, do it my way!

                          Oooops, caught in the act!                     Only one kiss allowed

                                                                                                  under the mistletoe!

                            That sounds nice, Renetta.    Doin' the old soft shoe without shoes!        It's call Spin the What!

                                                                                                                                                                   How do you play it?

                                                                                               I warned you, Sid.

                                                                                       Now you have to marry her!


Previous Reunion at the Gardner Senior Center

                                                      Doin' what we do best! 

Many more to come when I find them and as I find time to scan and upload.