PhD students
  • Salvatore Floccari (2017-...)
MSc students
  • Stijn Cambie (2016-2017), joint supervision with Jan Tuitman
    Topic: "The congruent number problem"
  • Krijn Reijnders (2016-2017)
    Topic: "Campana curves: integral points of bounded height"
BSc students
  • 3 bachelor projects (carried out by groups of two students) at KU Leuven
    Topic: "Defining Z in Q, following Poonen"
  • Reinder Meinsma (2017-2018), 'Honours thesis'
    Topic: "Discriminants in the Grothendieck ring"
  • Josefien Kuijper (2017-2018)
    Topic: "o-minimal structures"
  • Thijs Limbeek (2017-2018)
    Topic: "Hilbert's irreducibility theorem"
  • Dion Leijnse (2018-2019), 'Honours thesis'