Arnd Heinrich Klein

I am a competition/antitrust economist working for the Swiss Competition Authority (COMCO), where I focus on cases in the media, advertising and telecommunications industries. My duties range from the assessment of mergers to the investigation of collusion and abuse of dominance. I am both responsible for economic analyses, such as defining relevant markets and quantifying anti-competitive conduct, as well as for handling cases and coping with the related legal issues. Furthermore, I contribute to the strategic development of the authority's economic practice.

In addition to my job at the authority, I teach competition policy and industrial organization at the University of Zurich and pursue economic studies as an independent researcher in these fields.

I hold a PhD in economics from the University of Zurich and studied at UC Berkeley (Visiting Scholar), University of Konstanz (Diplom-Volkswirt), and University of Oregon (MSc). The focus of my academic training lies on applied microeconomics (both theory and empirical methods). I recently published the first essay of my dissertation in Games and Economic Behavior.

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