I am an avid traveler (and photographer) and have been fortunate to visit several places of aesthetic and historical significance. I was born and brought up in Kolkata, the City of Joy. However, since a toddler, I have visited almost every part of India multiple times and it still remains the country closest to my heart. During my undergraduate and graduate studies, I had the pleasure to visit a lot of places around the world mainly due to internships, conference travel, etc. Following are some of the places (outside India) that are my absolute favorites and I have visited them a number of times.

Favorite countries: Germany, USA, Italy, France, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria 
Favorite Cities/Places: Berlin, Chicago, Bruges, Rome, Paris, Amsterdam, Interlaken, New York, Thun, Jackson Hole, Yosemite, San Francisco, Teton Village, Munich,  Zurich, Salzburg, Brussels, Maui, Portland, New Orleans.. 
Although you can find all my travel photos in my Facebook profile, I will try to give a small collection of some of those here in the future....