"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes."—Marcel Proust

    Grand Teton National Park, USA, 2013

Hi, I am Dr. Arnab Raha. Currently, I am a Staff Research Scientist in the Advanced Architecture Research group in Intel Client AI  (CAI-CCG), Santa Clara, CA, USA, where I perform research to build various energy-efficient and high-performance machine learning (deep learning), image processing, and computer vision accelerators. Previously, I was a Research Scientist in the Microarchitecture Research Lab (MRL), part of Architecture and Design Research (ADR), Intel Labs, Santa Clara, CA, USA, where my research involved designing energy-efficient agile microarchitectures for the next generation of ultra-efficient x86 processors and system-on-chips and also for various image processing, computer vision, and machine learning accelerators. 

 I received my Ph.D. in Electrical & Computer Engineering from Purdue University, USA, in 2017. I joined Purdue in Fall 2012, as a Ross Fellow in the Embedded Systems Laboratory working with Prof. Vijay Raghunathan. At Purdue, my dissertation work was on "Input-adaptive and Quality Configurable Approximate Computing: A Full System Perspective". My research work has led to several awards including the prestigious Bilsland Dissertation Fellowship from the Purdue Graduate School in the final year of my doctoral study.  During my doctoral studies, I was privileged to be among the very few Ph.D. students ever to receive the Ross Fellowship, the Bilsland Dissertation Fellowship, and the Outstanding Graduate Student Research Award, the three highest doctoral student awards achievable at Purdue. 

Previously, I completed my undergraduate studies in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering (ETCE) from Jadavpur University, India, where I worked on secure routing protocols and trust management in Wireless Sensor Networks with Prof. Mrinal Kanti Naskar in the Advanced Digital and Embedded Systems Laboratory. I was awarded the prestigious Dr. B.C. Roy Memorial Gold Medal and the University Gold Medal (along with four additional gold medals) in 2012 for standing 1st in the entire Faculty of Engineering and Technology of Jadavpur University with record grades. I was also the first ever recipient of the prestigious DAAD WISE Fellowship from the ETCE Department of Jadavpur University in 2011 that enabled me to carry out a part of my undergraduate research at the world renowned, University of Gottingen, Germany with Prof. Dieter Hogrefe and Prof. Omar Alfandi in the SensorLab, part of the Telematics group of the Department of Computer Science. Finally, I am also fortunate to be one of the youngest PhD students ever to receive two simultaneous full-time offers from two different groups at Intel Labs, the premier research division of Intel Corporation, as early as my 2nd and 3rd years of PhD.

My broad research interests are in hardware/software co-design of low-power IoT and embedded systems, efficient processor microarchitecture design, SoC design, emerging memory technologies, and hardware security. I also take a keen interest in research going on in the fields of quantum computing and neuromorphic computing.