University of Bristol
Lecturer in economics (2018-Present)

PhD in economics, 
Prize for best dissertation in economics in Paris (Chancellerie des Université de Paris) 

Research interest: applied microeconomics, labor economics, economics of crime, economics of gender, media. 
Mail: arnaud.philippe [at] bristol.ac.uk

"No Hatred or Malice, fear or affection": Media and sentencing (with Aurelie Ouss). Journal of Political Economy126(5), pp. 2134-2133. Economics of Crime prize, 6th Economics of Crime Transatlantic Workshop
Jobs, News and Re-offending after Incarceration (with Roberto Galbiati and Aurelie Ouss). Economic Journal, accepted.
Does introducing lay people in criminal courts affect judicial decisions? Evidence from French reform, International Review of Law and Economics, Volume 52, October 2017, Page 1-15
Gender Bias in criminal justiceEconomica, Volume 87, October 2020, Page 1037-1077

Working papers
Phone: +33 6 80 48 84 07 (mobile); +44(0)117 92 88437 (office)
: Bristol university, Economic Department, 
12A Priory Rd, Bristol BS8 1TU, United Kingdom