Research fellow in economics (2015-Present)
Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse / Toulouse School of Economics

Price for best dissertation in economics in Paris (Louis Forest price, Chancellerie des Université de Paris)
Defense committee: Marianne Bertrand, Stephen Machin, Gabrielle Fack
Research interest:
economics of crime, media, public policy evaluation

Phone: +33 5 61 12 85 89 (office)/ +33 6 80 48 84 07 (mobile)
Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse - 21 allée de Brienne - 31015 Toulouse Cedex 6 - France

Job Market Paper
"No Hatred or Malice, fear or affection": Media and sentencing (with Aurelie Ouss) download (French summary)

Conditionally accepted Journal of political Economy

Economics of Crime prize, 6th Economics of Crime Transatlantic Workshop 

We explore how television broadcasting of unrelated criminal justice events affects sentencing. Exploiting as-good-as-random variation in news content before a verdict, we find that sentences are 3 months longer when the verdict is reached after coverage of crime. Sentence increase with media exposure to crime, not crime itself, and the effect tapers off quickly. Our results suggest that professional experience and expertise mitigates the effect of irrelevant external information. This paper highlights the influence of noise in the news cycle: media can temporarily influence decisions by changing what is top-of-the-mind, rather than signaling deeper changes in offending or societal concerns.

Press: France culture, Ouest France, 20 minutes