Arnaud CACHIA is full Professor at Université de Paris in cognitive neurosciences (PR1, CNU 16). He conducts his research at the Laboratory for the Psychology of Child Development and Education (UMR CNRS 8240) in collaboration with the 'Imaging biomarker of brain development and disorders' (UMR INSERM 1266) .

His research aims at deciphering the neurodevelopmental bases of cognition. He is interested in the early stage of brain development during fetal life and its long-term effects on cognition. These early constraints on cognitive variability and development are complementary to the neuroplasticity mechanisms, extensively investigated these last years.

He investigates the associations between variations of cortex sulcation - a proxy of fetal development - and clinical symptoms in neurodevelopmental psychiatric and neurogenetic disorders. Using the same brain imaging methods and the same theoretical framework, he also studies the neurodevelopmental bases of normal variability of cognitive abilities critical at school (e.g. inhibitory control, reading, writing, numerical cognition...) in healthy children, adolescents and young adults.

Such works, at the junction of cognitive and developmental neurosciences and psychology, open original and complementary translational issues in both medicine and education.

arnaud.cachia#u-paris.fr (please substitute an @ for the # in the email addresses)