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Plain Toddler T Shirts

plain toddler t shirts
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Obama T-shirts, done!
Obama T-shirts, done!
These were Cherokee brand toddler clothes from Target. They were some kind of smooth cotton stretch blend, and I got far better definition on these than I usually get on plain cotton onesies, especially if they're ribbed at all. In fact, the plain onesies I tried came out so blurry and terrible that I couldn't give them out at all. Sorry, Maggie Solomon-Scheller. You were robbed.
Toddler Western Shirt
Toddler Western Shirt
I found this adorable plain white western-style shirt at Target (on clearance) and it begged to be embroidered. I can't remember where I found the horse image (probably from a Google image search), but I remember having to shrink it quite a bit. The design on the pockets is a dingbat from a font. My friend Mindy bought this from me for her daughter Lucy

plain toddler t shirts