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Tomy Toys Singapore

tomy toys singapore
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A little boy and his new train set
A little boy and his new train set
Thanks to Uncle Jason, Isaac has another Thomas the Train to play with. Now the one Thomas & Friends toy he had will have company, and this one even has its own tracks and moves on its own! Time to teach him to play with this new TOMY Thomas train set without the battery. The kids don't know it yet but Mommy is taking them to the beach for a picnic because it is a special day. Papa even bought a cake for the special girl.
Meet the Toy - Professor Severus Snape
Meet the Toy - Professor Severus Snape
Meet Professor Severus Snape. He joined the ranks of Cindi's Toys only today, all the way from Singapore. He's 5 inches of sheer intimidation and unpleasant demeanor. After just a few hours, he's already trolling for toys wandering about the shelves after bedtime. I don't think he'll find any. They're too afraid of what he'll do to them.

tomy toys singapore
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