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Eligibility to Membership
If you received an honorable discharge from/or are now serving in the armed forces (active or reserve components) of the United States of America, you may apply to join the Army & Navy Union USA.

We currently have Garrisons in Ohio, New Jersey, Delaware, Indiana, Georgia and Florida.  You may also join as a member-at-large.

After you submit the form below, there is information on how to pay your $20 membership dues.

How to join us:

If you meet the eligibility criteria above, fill out the form then, below the form, pay membership dues.  

1.  Fill out this form - you will then be contacted soon about your enrollment in the Army & Navy Union USA.  If you do not wish to fill out certain fields due to sensitivity of the information, you may leave them blank.  The required fields must be filled out to begin the membership process.

2.  Payment of membership dues:  mail a $20.00 check, make it to Army & Navy Union USA and mail to:

Army & Navy Union USA
Attn: New Member Dues
PO Box 686
Niles, OH 44446