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Army Camo T Shirts

army camo t shirts
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Genuine issue Army camo fatigues in a size medium I believe. There's two of these shirts, and two of the matching pants that have an abundance of pockets. These are actually quite comfortable and the pants are fun to wear as well as useful (with all those pockets and they have buttons so things don't fall out). ~~ All these (and more) need new homes as I'm going to a different country for an extended stay soon so send me a Flickr Mail message (access through the arrow that appears near my profile photo when mousing over it) if interested.
Your Grandmother Wears Camo!
Your Grandmother Wears Camo!
My boys thought and thought about what to give my mom for Christmas, and finally came up with this: Authentic, army-issue Battle Dress Uniform. The hat is a little small, the pants were so big they were a little loose on dad, but the shirt fit "just right". Doesn't she look fetching?

army camo t shirts