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Toy Cell Phones For Babies

toy cell phones for babies
    cell phones
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    for babies
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toy cell phones for babies - Baby Einstein
Baby Einstein Lights and Melodies Discovery Phone
Baby Einstein Lights and Melodies Discovery Phone
Baby Einstein Lights & Music Discovery Phone
Let baby explore the world with their own smart phone! Includes melodies from the new Baby Einstein World of Music DVD! Spin the globe to activate lights and music. Features real-life imagery, light-up buttons, animal sounds and language discovery in English, French, and Spanish. Move the globe to watch the image animate on screen. Encourages baby's understanding of action/reaction discovery with electronic button.
Product Measures: 4.75"L x 1.5 x 6.4"h
Recommended Ages: 3 months & up

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Day Twenty Two
Day Twenty Two
Mmmm good camera. It's totally been returned and no more dusty specs on the sensor causing spots and junk. I've totally missed having the good camera. The baby has too but it's mine! Seems like she wants everything that's ours. I debated about getting this little noisy cell phone toy for her but I suspect she's too savvy and she'll still want to play with the real phone. After all I gave her our spare keyboard and she mostly just gnaws on the cable instead of smacking it around like she does with the keyboards we actually use. Today was another short walking day. Picked up Dr. Horribles Sing along Blog and Fanboys. Both entertaining shows. I also took Isobel down to the nurses talk which was about infant massage. I'm supposed to be socializing with the mommies so that I can abuse their friendship later on and drop off Isobel when we want to do stuff with them. However it takes quite a bit of comfort level before I'll be able to get around to that. I'm still deep down pretty shy. I had a dream the other night that I was looking in Isobel's mouth and saw a little pearl of blood which then became a tooth. It is of course my hoping that she'll cut her teeth soon as I know she's complaining a lot because of her gums hurting. Hopefully they don't take too long to cut through and cause her lots of pain. Also if they all come in then perhaps she'll start sleeping through the night. Or maybe that's just a pipe dream. Part of me hopes that time goes by faster if only to get to the sleeping bit sooner. I know Brandi complains that she's growing up too fast for her liking. I'm not sure that I agree or disagree with that statement. Soon enough she's going to be walking and talking about going out and I'll be all like "Not in that top missy, you've got a giant rack like your mother and I know what boys are thinking about!!" sigh.
109/365 The toys I've played with (past and present)!
109/365 The toys I've played with (past and present)!
Apr 19-109/365 Let's see... In the five years and some change that I've been online, I've had some fun with a lot of these babies here (see notes to find out what they are). And I really didn't take photography all that serious until I joined flickr. Then, I don't remember how it happened, but either I came across Exposure Detroit, or vice versa, but I've been snappin' ever since. I've come to learn in recent times, that the more you delve into a field like this, you have to step up down the road otherwise you'll be in a rut for as long as you remain complacent in your way of doing things. I've also come to find out that it doesn't matter what gear you have, but how you image(s) turn out that have the last say in the matter. I was published for the first time late last year, and the picture that was featured came from a compact camera. So again, what you have (gear-wise) isn't the issue as much as how well your picture(s) turn out. *I took this shot with my mother's Canon PowerShot A580* **And in the three years (or close to it) that I've been on flickr, all of my images (not counting the artwork of someone else that's posted) came from these cameras!** © 2010 JVLIVS Photography. All rights reserved.

toy cell phones for babies
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