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Big Bopper Hello Baby

big bopper hello baby
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  • Jiles Perry "J. P." Richardson, Jr. (October 24, 1930 - February 3, 1959) also commonly known as The Big Bopper, was an American disc jockey, singer, and songwriter whose big voice and exuberant personality made him an early rock and roll star.
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big bopper hello baby - Hello Baby!
Hello Baby! - You Know What I Like!
Hello Baby! - You Know What I Like!
When the Big Bopper died in the plane crash that took the lives of Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens, he'd scored just two hits, but his tragic death on 'The Day The Music Died' ensured his immortality. And it turns out he had a far more interesting career than most one or two hit wonders. For one thing, he wrote several other hits. His original version of George Jones' #1 country hit White Lightning is included here (he also wrote but never recorded Johnny Preston's #1 pop hit Running Bear). Sadly, he never saw either song top the charts. But this generously full CD includes a lot of Bopper, starting with all known recordings: his unissued-at-the-time first recording from 1954, his fabulously rare early rock 'n' roll singles for Mercury, his original recording of Chantilly Lace and the follow-up, and his original LP. But there's more: Big Bopper sequels and tributes include Eddie Cochran's Three Stars, Ray Campi's The Man I Met (A Tribute To The Big Bopper), Donna Dameron's sequel, Bopper 486009, and even Jayne Mansfield's Chantilly Lace spin-off, That Makes It. Add to that, rare and unpublished photos from the Big Bopper's family as well as the first comprehensive biography by Johnette Duff.

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Big Bopper - Little Red Riding Hood - US - 1958
Big Bopper - Little Red Riding Hood - US - 1958
A doublesided hit for Mr.Richardson aka Big Bopper in the US in 1958 after Chantilly Lace. This was in December .He died together with Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens in February 1959. In the mid 1960s a hit for Sam The Sham & The Pharaos. Original issue.
The Big Bopper Jr.
The Big Bopper Jr.
Jay Perry Richardson, aka "The Big Bopper, Jr", son of the original Big Bopper, JP Richardson. Performing at The Cohn Auditorium, March 25, 2010.

big bopper hello baby
big bopper hello baby
Chantilly Lace
Digitally remastered edition of this release from the late Rock 'n' Roll star and DJ. Jiles Richardson's recording career began in 1957, when he adopted the name Big Bopper and recorded 'Beggar To A King'. It was his second single, 'Chantilly Lace', that broke big, prompting Jiles to take a temporary leave of absence from KTRM in order to tour with Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and Dion & The Belmonts on the Winter Dance Party in January and February 1959. The logistics of the tour were such that there were vast distances between several of the dates, and on one such journey, between Clear Lake, Iowa and Moorhead, Minnesota, Buddy Holly suggested chartering a plane to cover the 380 miles. Jiles persuaded Waylon Jennings to give up his seat on the plane as Jiles had flu, a decision that was ultimately to cost him his life. Hallmark.

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