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Baby Hospital Games For Girls

baby hospital games for girls
  • A hospital, in the modern sense of the word, is an institution for health care providing patient treatment by specialized staff and equipment, and often, but not always providing for longer-term patient stays.
  • a medical institution where sick or injured people are given medical or surgical care
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Jentil Jones Perry, 15, Victim of a Drunk Driver. She was a guest at a wedding that I shot June 30th, 2007. A week later she was killed by a drunk driver along with her sister, father and 2 others. Th
Jentil Jones Perry, 15, Victim of a Drunk Driver. She was a guest at a wedding that I shot June 30th, 2007. A week later she was killed by a drunk driver along with her sister, father and 2 others. Th
TAKEN FROM THE NEWSPAPERS...... Brian John Stone, 32, was driving a 2007 Ford-150 eastbound and rear-ended a 2001 Ford Taurus, knocking it across the median, where it collided head-on with a westbound 2005 Chevy Trailblazer, authorities said. Dead at the scene were one adult and one child in the Taurus and two children and one adult in the SUV. Seven others were taken to Ruby Memorial Hospital, including three who are in critical condition. Wayne Kile, 43, project manager for Allegheny Energy, was among the first drivers to come upon the wreck scene and got out of his car to see if he could help, the Dominion Post reported today. "The whole front of the car (Taurus) was mashed into the front passenger and driver's seat," he said. "The woman in the front seat was awake and alert, but the driver in the smaller car slumped over to the side." In the back seat, Kile said, a teenager was unconscious and bleeding, along with a baby. Kile said the woman kept saying, "Please, Lord. Please Lord." Police said a 30-year-old man and a 12-year-old boy in the Taurus were killed. They are withholding the names of all the victims until relatives are notified. Stone was not hurt in the wreck. He was found about a half-mile from the scene, walking east along the highway. Monongalia County Sheriff's Deputy D.W. Wilfong said he smelled of alcohol, was slurring his speech and swaying while being questioned. The Dominion Post reported that in September 2002, Stone was arrested for DUI and later convicted. A Connecticut newspaper has identified three of the victims killed in a crash on Interstate 68 near Morgantown. Obituaries printed in The Intelligencer newspaper in Wheeling identify the two others killed as a father and son formerly of Sistersville. Authorities in Monongalia County, meanwhile, have not responded to calls seeking official confirmation on the names. So far, the Monongalia sheriff's office has refused to release the names of the dead or injured. The Hartford Courant reported that former Middletown, Connecticut residents Donnell Perry, 52, and his daughters Jentil Jones Perry, 15, and Jacquesha Jones Perry, 13 were killed in the crash. Perry's wife, Marcia, his daughter Justine and three of his grandchildren were injured and are being treated at Ruby Memorial Hospital. Marcia was in intensive care Tuesday and relatives said the children were in stable condition. Relatives told the Hartford paper that Perry and three of his eight children had moved to West Virginia from Middletown a few years ago when he took a job at Pratt & Whitney Engine Services Inc. in Bridgeport. The Perrys were returning home after spending the Fourth of July with family members in Middletown and watching a New York Yankees game on Friday. Perry's sister, Brenda Mabine, told the newspaper she found out her brother and two nieces were dead at about 7 a.m. Monday. "It's been very, very hard," Mabine said. Jentil was a quiet cheerleader and Jacquesha, also known as "Kiki" was a more outgoing type who loved baseball and was known for her ever-changing hairstyles, the newspaper reported. Both girls were described as hardworking students. Donnell and Marcia were described as "great parents" who had adopted five of their children. Marcia kept her job in Middletown at Connecticut Valley Hospital while Donnell moved to West Virginia with three of the couple's younger children. The couple took turns visiting each other on the weekends. Marcia had retired from the hospital two weeks ago and was in the process of moving her belongings to West Virginia, the newspaper said. Meanwhile, officials are trying to determine why the man facing charges in the crash had a valid Pennsylvania driver's license when his West Virginia license had been revoked because of previous drunken driving convictions. Under the terms of a multistate compact, Brian Stone, 32, would have been ineligible for a driver's license in Pennsylvania if he got it after his West Virginia license was revoked. If he got it before his West Virginia license, West Virginia officials should have been notified of his Pennsylvania license. Stone is being held at North Central Regional Jail on five counts of driving under the influence causing death and one count of third or subsequent offense DUI. His bond is set at $1.35 million. Stone's West Virginia driver's license was revoked in May 2004, according to Steve Dale, assistant to the commissioner of motor vehicles. Stone, whose home is listed as Gans, Pa., by the Monongalia County Sheriff's Department, was a frequent visitor to the Cheat Lake area, where his parents live. Police say he had been drinking when the pickup truck he was driving rear-ended a passenger car Sunday night, knocking it across the median, where it collided head-on with another vehicle. Police have acknowledged that two adults and three children in the tw
Mutation Ice/Ice Tanker Heretics Scott “Scottie” Daniels was born and grew up in the Texas Panhandle (as the far northwest of that state is called) in a small town near Lubbock. From birth he seemed just like any other child, except for his large size (having set a state record by being born a 14 pound baby). He played with the other kids, went to school and did all the other things normal children do, getting in trouble and having fun. Scottie learned to fish and hunt at a young age and loved being outdoors. But he *was* different, as he slowly learned as he grew older, going from elementary to middle and high school. First of all he grew much taller and bigger than most of the other children. Strong and resilient, he was destined for football as a result, a sport that was as near a religion as could be in his native state. He was always the largest in his class. Scottie could have easily been a bully as a result, but that was never his style. He gained a reputation for being a very fun, jovial and easy-going guy as he grew up, becoming quite popular. Being big certainly had its advantages. Sometimes he was teased for his large size, but this was rare. Which was probably a good thing, since being so tough and strong he could easily break things…and people. His temper was very hard to provoke but when it was, anyone nearby had to watch out as a furious rage would overtake him which scared everyone, especially as it seemed so contrary to his nature. But to his credit this rage was almost always brought forth by the sight of someone else being treated very poorly by others – even at that age he was a defender of the weak and downtrodden. Strangely, though, when he got truly furious the air almost seemed to take on a frosty quality. Not that odd in the often windy and cold Panhandle…except during its hot summers, that is. Scottie became his football team’s best linebacker in high school and there was a lot of talk of him getting a football scholarship to Texas Tech, the area’s biggest and most prestigious university. And that’s exactly what happened. His parents, teachers and friends couldn’t have been happier or more proud. But what nobody but Scottie knew was that as soon as puberty hit, it was not the girls but the other boys who got his blood pumping. At first he thought that was normal but later realized how unacceptable and “unnatural” it was thought in rural Texas. He lived in secret denial and guilt for a long time, very carefully sneaking peeks at the other boys in the locker room but otherwise never letting on how he really felt to anyone. After all, how could he be “queer”? He wasn’t some limp-wristed queen at all, anything but. No one else ever jumped to the right conclusion either, he just didn’t seem the type as he was all man. College would prove a crucible, however, in which Scottie’s true nature not only as a gay man but as a Mutant would be discovered. It started off so well. He became one of his team’s greatest football stars and a big man on campus. He joined one of the most prestigious fraternities as well. It was here at university that he was exposed to a huge variety of different kinds of people for the first time and it really opened his small-town mind. It was at a frat party that he would have his first experience with a man, one of his fraternity brothers. It blew his mind and changed his life forever. But both of them had to pretend like nothing had happened afterwards. Scottie never had a girlfriend but most everyone assumed this was because he lived and breathed football and didn’t have time for all that, being a player instead. There was starting to be talk of the pros as his meteoric rise in the world of college football continued. But in the winter of 1998, his junior year, it came to pass that one of the biggest games of the season occurred in the midst of a snowstorm. This wasn’t unusual for the Panhandle in winter. What *was* odd was how badly Scottie’s team was losing. The other team was playing in an overly rough and very rude fashion and this poor treatment of his teammates (one of whom had been badly injured) was more than he could bear. A furious rage overtook him, as it had at times before, but this was different…very much so. He felt a terrible chill overcome his body but a raging fire take over his heart as he ran through the opposing line. As he looked down he saw armor made of ice encasing his body. Everyone he charged through went flying, several severely injured, before he had the sense to stop. He had done something bizarre in front of his team and thousands of fans and sent four opposing players to the hospital in critical condition, one with a broken spine. Even though he’d done nothing on purpose, all eyes were on Scottie the next day. But he might have been forgiven for this strange incident if not for the fact that a rival teammate who had seen him with his frat brother outed him on the college radio station that day. He had no other ch

baby hospital games for girls
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