AZ Ranch is a small organic family farm near Olympia, WA.
We produce organic grass fed, grass-finished beef
and eggs from organic pastured poultry.

To order a quarter beef, contact ejzita(at)gmail.com.

  Ravi & Luna
 NE pasture (little tree farm)

Cattle move to greener pasture

Happy cows

Beta - May 2014
 Alpha - May 2014
 Bess cow's Bolero, born Easter 2014
 (Charolais Bess) and Lailey's family
Nancy with our first 2 cattle

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More about the farm and our beef:


Our Australian shepherds help with the livestock and live in our home.  They have champion pedigrees, in herding and agility.  Luna and Ravi had one litter of 11 puppies, and we kept 2 favorites, Nova and Arrow.

Ravi, the sire, is our best dog ever.  Talented with cattle, well-behaved with horses and cats, gentle with children and puppies.   Ravi is available to stand stud.  He is DNA certified (pure Australian Shepherd) and healthy - see details at his 
pedigree link.

Puppies' facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/luna.ravi.1

Why puppies kept their tails American Vet Medical Assn. and http://www.highlandspringsbreeders.com/taildocking.html


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