General Information

Head Coach: Bill McCloskey, Math Teacher

Assistant Coaches: Ryan Eckdahl, Brian Sobiech , Josh Kohler, Mike Mohr, Scott Pucko, Justin Wheaton

Captains: Ben Mennenga


    1. Establish priorities and follow them. You are a STUDENT/athlete.
    2. No Nc’s. NC’s are not acceptable. Two of them will make you ineligible.
    3. Stop in athletic office to verify forms TODAY! Registration and Physical.
    4. Bring in signed form for weight room. No fee for this!

Important Dates:

Other: The season is coming up fast; get in shape NOW and as a TEAM! Start thinking Nutrition (see back). We will be doing various fundraisers this year. I am looking forward to this season and the excitement it brings. We have high expectations like any year. Stay focused on your goals! This includes all aspects of your life. Think about your priorities and what you need to do to get better. Support one another, each one of you is valuable to this TEAM!!

As Iron Sharpens Iron, so One Man Sharpens Another.