With chiropractic balanced with an arm prosthesis

This website

Let me introduce myself. I live in the Netherlands. I am a woman  and I have a congenital  reduction defect of my right forearm. From my 5th year of life until around my 30th, I always wore a body-powered arm prosthesis. From the moment I got children I did not use a prosthesis. Around my 40th I was confronted with neck and shoulder pain, also known as overuse injuries. Therefore I started wearing an arm prosthesis again. 

The website is the result of my search for solutions for the neck and shoulder pain. Because of the pain I was severely restricted during work and at daily activities.  I am now free of pain, thanks to chiropractic. The chiropractor is in my eyes the specialist in the area of the spine and nervous system. The knowledge of the chiropractor I have combined with my own knowledge and experience.  The result is so said, the shortened arm implementation of the chiropractic approach.

Improving balance is an ongoing process

The chiropractor found out I had developed scoliosis. My goal was / is to restore the spine abnormality by improving balance, but over the years I notice that the road to it is just as important than achieving the goal. It moves me every time, when I perceive improvement, how small improvements sometimes are. I am amazed at the progress I still make, even now, 10 years after the start of the first treatment. Improvements are preceded by changes in my body. 
I have learned to have patience and trust in the natural healing ability of my body that is stimulated by exercise, by the treatments and good posture. I am honestly still surprised how effective it all is. I dare to say that I have never before  in my life experienced  balance in my body  like now. 

My mission
I was able to overcome my neck- and shoulder pain with the help of the chiropractor. I want to share this knowledge with everybody. For me it has become clear that chiropractic works for me. Why should it not work for someone else. It feels like a mission to propagate it further.