Shop Locations

Level 1, Shop #10, Port Atlantis Mall (Calypso)

About a 60 second run due north and following the path up the hill from the Port Atlantis Teleporter, this is a great place to start shopping for n00b to mid level armour. 

The two shopkeepers out the front, currently boast a regular supply of Musca (L) and Warrior. Inside are some great looking low level armours as well as imported stock from our Arkadia armour ranges.

Level 1, Shop #10, Twin Peaks Mall (Calypso)

About a 45 second run due east from Twin Peaks Teleporter, following the path and then taking your first right, this shop boasts a range of the mid to uber level crafted armours found on Calypso. 

The two shopkeepers out the front, currently boast a regular supply of eMINE (L) and Predator (L).  Inside you will find a great range Limited and UnLimited armours, including Lich (L) and Spectre (L)!

Booth #3, Celeste Quarry (Arkadia)

After arriving at the Celeste Quarry Teleporter, look to the left hand set of 3 booths.  Our booth is on the far left nearest the Auction terminal

The shopkeepers here currently hold 3 of the sets available from our Arkadian ranges, namely Cetus (L), Corvus (L) and Ursa (L). 

Building #3, Sanctuary Cove (Arkadia)

After arriving at the Sanctuary Cove Teleporter, face the Command Post and the SFE shop is immediately to the left.  This building also houses the soon to be opened SFE HQ and Showroom.

The shop currently stocks our entire range of Arkadian armours, excluding Musca (L) which is available from the Arkadian TT.