Prices & Locations

Notes for Shoppers
  • We use 3-letter codes to identify each of our Shops in the below table to get you to your chosen armour sooner:
    • PAM - Port Atlantis Mall, Calypso - Level 1, Shop #10 XL
    • TPM - Twin Peaks Mall, Calypso - Level 1, Shop #10 XL
    • CQS - Celeste Quarry, Arkadia - Booth #3
    • SCS - Sanctuary Cove, Arkadia - Building #3
  • We can't fit all our armour in the above shops yet, but we do craft to order: Contact Us.
Pricing Display in the Below Table
  • We review and adjust our prices every month.  Seriously.  We literally go through every resource we consume, update their current market prices, adjust our armour prices accordingly, and upload a new spreadsheet to the site.  Keep track of what we change, when we change it and why we change it: subscribe to the Price Guide at the home page.
  • Unlimited Armours
    • are stocked at whatever TT value the crafting machine gives them.
    • blue bold shows the "TT+" markup.
    • black bold shows the max possible total (ie if the armour were at full TT).
    • red bold shows the max possible full price (ie if the armour were at full TT).
  • Limited Armours
    • are always stocked at full TT value (unless requested otherwise: Contact Us).  It's company policy :)
    • green bold shows the % markup (the figure under TOTAL is 'total suit cost' divided by 'total suit tt value').
    • black bold shows the full price including % markup (ie, at full TT as per all limited armours).
    • red bold therefore shows the full price in PED of a full tt suit.
  • Many Unlimited Calypso/shared armours have excruciatingly rare limited Foot Guards Blueprints.  When you see N/A for Foot Guards, this is usually why.
  • Please refer to the notes column on the right for any special situations, such as a resource or blueprint (L) shortage preventing us from stocking something.

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