SFE Price Guide #66 - February 2015

posted 23 Feb 2015, 18:38 by James Morris   [ updated 23 Feb 2015, 18:39 ]
Welcome to the latest SFE Price Guide!


I'm back from my honeymoon (which was marvellous!), and have put the Snape back in his closet.

In case you missed it, last month's guide from EwoK began with, "EwoK here.  Tim's away on his belated honeymoon (Congratz again Brother!) so once again, the work falls to little ol' me....MHAHAHAHAHAHAAH!!!!  (whoops, letting a little Snape out there ;D )"

We just noticed that Musca is no longer issued at the Trade Terminals of Arkadia, so we're now going to start crafting and stocking it a bit more, for those that are interested.

Prices this month are mainly a reversal of what happened last month - primarily because the materials market seems to have reversed itself too.  Corvus (L) and Hydra (L) are now cheaper than we've ever sold them for!

Price Adjustments
  • Berserker decreased due to a drop in the price of all the materials required to make it. This makes the 6 parts we usually stock TT+94.5ped.
  • Dragon decreased due to another Dunkel Plastix thankfully coming off the boil after its random spike last month. It's back down to TT+1692ped for the parts we can stock (no Foot Guards as usual - come on Calypso, seriously? Still?)
  • Expedition decreased again on the same grounds as Dragon (Dunkel Plastix), back down to TT+2680ped for the set, from whence it came.
  • Phantom decreased back to where it came from, with the price on Rugaritz cooling a little, so it's a pretty good deal at the moment, at TT+2651ped for the set.  Feel free to bring your own Rugaritz with you, and we'll pay market price for it!
  • Pioneer increased due to Megan going back on the boil again!  The full set now costs TT+21.3ped.
  • Trooper also decreased due the price of Rugaritz.  We can provide everything but the Foot Guards (another issue of BP drop rate) for TT+2405ped
  • Corvus (L) decreased by 3 ped because of a gradual drop in some ingredients that we can now confidently say is the new norm.  A full set is now 90ped.
  • Hydra (L) decreased by 42.04 ped driven by lower material costs, primarily in Telfium.  A full set is now 614.56ped.
  • Cetus (L) increased by 47.85 ped in response to Megan being ridiculously high.  Hopefully we're able to bring this down again soon.  A full set is now 816.6ped.

Notes and tips

Keep an eye open for the following Blueprints which we pay good coin for:
  • Valiant Foot Guards
  • eMINE Arm Guards
  • eMINE Harness
  • Dragon Foot Guards
  • Berserker Foot Guards
Also, the price for Ultra Cold Fabric has dropped lately, so someone is hunting Phasms!  If this is you or if you know that someone, then please point them in our direction so we can get Orca Harnesses back on the shelf!

Lastly, keep an eye out on our shops for the facelift and let us know what you think!

CEO | Southern Fortress Engineering