SFE Price Guide #57 - March 2014

posted 3 Mar 2014, 05:12 by James Morris
Welcome to the latest SFE Price Guide!

Well, a rather interesting phenomenon has occurred.  The gradual drop in supply of Erdorium and Maganite over the last 12 months has finally manifested itself in a huge leap in their prices.

Erdorium, which has traditionally been worth something like 120% to 130%, has all of a sudden leapt up to 157%.  This took the cost of crafting Rascal (L) to the highest we've ever seen (almost 8 years!).  Wow Jim, you're getting old!  It also affected Renegade similarly.

Maganite, which has traditionally fluctuated, leapt this month from its lowest price in 7 months, to its highest price in 12 months (around 170% to around 287%).  This had a massive impact on the cost of crafting some Samurai parts, and all Vindicator parts.

Price Adjustments
  • Rascal (L) increased in price: For the first time in ages, by a total of 9.11 ped, up to 100.09 ped for the full TT suit, which is 165% on each piece.
  • Renegade increased in price: Across all parts, by a total of 7.90 ped, up to TT + 57.60 ped for the suit. 
  • Samurai increased in price: For the six pieces we sell (NO FOOT GUARDS AS USUAL!), by a total of 65.70 ped, up to TT + 177.20 ped for those six pieces. 
  • Vindicator increased in price: Across all parts, by a total of 74.90 ped, up to 257.90 ped for the suit.

Notes and tips

We now sell Aquila to order, and are striving to get it on the shelves soon.

Have a great month!

CEO | Southern Fortress Engineering