Company Info

Update to Company Info:  please see announcement of restructure here

The SFE Story

We are Aussie blokes who are mates in real life.  In 2006 we realised that there are a lot of crafted armours out there, and very few of them are easy to find.

We resolved to change this.

We wanted to make available as much crafted armour as possible,
for the protection of all Entropians, at fair prices, which led to...

We started with a couple of blueprints and worked our way up.
We purchased our first shop in Port Atlantis Mall on Calypso in 2007, our second (Twin Peaks Mall, Calypso) in 2008 and our third (Celeste Quarry, Arkadia) and forth (Sanctuary Cove, Arkadia) in 2012. 

The rest is history!

Today we stock full suits of most of the crafted armours available from multiple stores on Planet Calypso and Planet Arkadia,
and we are proud to support a growing community of Entropians - Entropians who regularly return to our stores to replace their Limited armour, or to add to their L and UL armour collections!

The Logo

2006:  We felt it important to illustrate our origins and intentions to the community with something interesting and memorable, and today we display this everywhere we go.

The general shape of Australia was chosen for obvious reasons, along with the iron-clad look and feel representing the armour industry and protection for both the individual and the community. The brass cogs within were chosen to symbolise the intricacies of the operation of our society, all cogs working together to create a solution.

March 2011: We have gradually moved to more of the orange/brown feel of outback Australia in the publications we've made, and less of the grey/iron colour.  We decided to upgrade our logo to a more crisp finish, with colours more in keeping with who we are today.  The top logo is the new one.

The Name

Southern - Originally from the song Great Southern Land by Icehouse. To those not familiar with it, the song is about Australia (fit perfectly with the logo and happens to be a favourite song of several members).

Fortress - A suit of armor protects a single person.  A fortress protects an entire community.

Engineering - One of the main cross discipline skills involved in the crafting professions. We're not traders or resellers. We're engineers. We engineer the armour for you, cutting out a lot of the inconvenience and risk for the customer.

The SFE Solution

Back in mid-2006 only a select few crafted armours (e.g Ghost and Rascal) were in common production. This made it very difficult and highly inconvenient for the greater Entropian community to find the other armours. It was this issue that we wanted to change with the creation of Southern Fortress Engineering.

We now run like a well-oiled machine:
  • Our shops are restocked on a daily basis.

  • All our prices are calculated based on the production cost, which makes some hard-to-get armours readily available at attractive prices.

  • All our prices are reviewed on a monthly basis according to changes in materials prices.

  • We release a monthly report in our own forum and on Entropia Forum, on the price changes, to keep the community informed.

  • Some of our top-sellers are limited armours, because our customers can come straight back to the same place to replace their armour whenever it breaks.

  • If the armour you're looking for isn't on our price-list or isn't in store, that doesn't mean we can't make it - it just means we can't stock full suits reliably all the time. Please ask us if you have a requirement outside our normal catalogue.

We are now pleased to say that in line with our mission, we offer a reliable service to find, compare, purchase, replace and receive advice on your crafted armour of choice.