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Ball Wrist Watch

ball wrist watch
    wrist watch
  • A watch worn on a strap around the wrist
  • For thousands of years, devices have been used to measure and keep track of time. The current sexagesimal system of time measurement dates to approximately 2000 BC, in Sumer. The Ancient Egyptians divided the day into two 12-hour periods, and used large obelisks to track the movement of the Sun.
  • wristwatch: a watch that is worn strapped to the wrist
  • form into a ball by winding or rolling; "ball wool"
  • Squeeze or form (something) into a rounded shape
  • Form a round shape
  • round object that is hit or thrown or kicked in games; "the ball travelled 90 mph on his serve"; "the mayor threw out the first ball"; "the ball rolled into the corner pocket"
  • musket ball: a solid projectile that is shot by a musket; "they had to carry a ramrod as well as powder and ball"
  • Clench or screw up (one's fist) tightly

Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Classic II DM1016A-S1J
Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Classic II DM1016A-S1J
Key Features: strong anti-magnetism, -40C temperature testing, a case that feel like it will take abuse, crown protection, good water resistance (300m/10000ft), excellent lume, unidirectional bezel and date feature, sapphire crystal. This watch should let you do all the important things and should appeal to anyone looking for a great sport watch. This watch gains 2 seconds per day.
Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Classic II
Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Classic II
DM1016A-S1J Fabulous fit and finish, excellent timekeeping, stellar lume, outstanding value, strong features to balance a sport diver/daily wear watch.

ball wrist watch
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