Sea Watch Milford

sea watch milford
    sea watch
  • Angelica lucida is a species of angelica known by the common names seacoast angelica and sea-watch. It is also one of many species in the celery family which are casually called wild celery.
  • A city in southwestern Connecticut, west of New Haven; pop. 49,938
  • Milford is a city in Kent and Sussex counties in the U.S. state of Delaware. According to 2006 Census Bureau estimates, the population of the city is 7,201.
  • Milford is a city in southwestern New Haven County, Connecticut, United States, located between Bridgeport and New Haven. The population was 50,594 at the 2000 census. The city contains the incorporated borough of Woodmont and the unincorporated village of Devon.
  • The Milford Metro-North Railroad station serves the residents of Milford, Connecticut via the New Haven Line. It is 63.2 miles from Grand Central Terminal and the average travel time from Grand Central is one hour, 32 minutes.

Te Mata Bullnose
Te Mata Bullnose
Mac & Evelyn stayed for dinner after Maker Fair yesterday. It was the first time we've eaten together since NZ. We cracked open the wine we shipped back from our trip. We started with the Te Mata Bullnose and followed with a Syrah from Unison. Both were delicious. I preferred the Bullnose. We paired the wines with quince, manchego, and some Marcona almonds. The meal; - Dukkah crusted lamb rib chops with agave nectar - Peas and feta with olive oil, lemon juice, black pepper, and mint - Grilled asparagus, zucchini, squash, and carrots We had a great night recapping the highlights of our trip to NZ: - Christmas eve in the hotel bar in Auckland with the 13th best bartender in NZ. Pilots, Aussie couple, the Japanese chef/sculptor, and the wannabe terrorist. - Caves of Waitomo and our guide who couldn't stop flexing for the ladies. The bad photos, smelly wet suits, awesome glow worms. - Taupo, and the last minute fishing license. The wine shop steward who recommended all the right places in Hastings. Fishing - no fish. Gyros by the lake. We stayed in a hostel, drank RBVs and listened to music till way too late. - Hastings and the wine tour. We skipped the bicycles and hit 5 times as many wineries in the car. Esk Valley with the old ladies and the cat. Te Mata with the ivy covered buildings, the goldfish ponds and Coleraine, the best wine NZ has ever produced. Craggy wine, looked like a Napa style production with a beautiful cellar, restaurant, and grounds. Too many more to mention. We stayed in that motel, watched Australia, and marveled at the size of the family staying in the room next to us. Oh, can can't forget the crazy Thai dinner where they tried, unsuccessfully, to re-create Mac's Mee Grab. - On to the Farm outside Wanganui. Farmer Mike was great. Went for a hike. Got chased by cows. Worst allergy attack of our lives. Dinner was great. Got really drunk and talked about global warming. Chelsey shipped Mike & family a bunch of Levis. - Wellington was all about the Weta Cave and the National Museum. - Ferry ride to the south island was beautiful. We got very lucky withe the sun. Most just see clouds. - Drive all the way down to Christchurch along the coast. Beautiful. Stopped in Kaikoura for lunch. Terrible nachos. Terrible food. I mean really terrible food. Attacked by seagulls on the beach as we ate. - Stopped at a roadside lobster shack. 64 dollars for a cold lobster we all split. 2 dollars more for sauce. 2 dollars more to heat it up. Not a good call. We all hate lobster, but it was one of those things you have to do while in NZ on the south island. Funny. - Christchurch. Loved it. New Years Eve. Casino. Ev lost her license. Found it on our return pass through CC. Lots of walking. Lots of pics. Picked up motorcycle. - Long first ride to Queenstown. Howling wind nearly threw me off the bike. Beautiful mountains & rivers. We took a break to walk through the lupine and down to a small creek. Stopped later at Lake Tekapo and Lake Pukaki which were stunning. - Queenstown. Stayed at The Rees. Super nice hotel. Fishing. Resort town. Fun. - Te Anau. Kayaking on Milford Sound. Sand flies from hell. The 'training' before getting out on the water, and away from the flies was torture. The flies got trapped in the splash guard and bit our feet the entire time. Saw a sea lion. No dolphins. Got some sun. Rare. Good times. - Glaciers were beautiful. Glenorchy, which I missed b/c I didn't want to ride @ night was beautiful. Death ride for Mac, Ev, & Chelsey killing all kinds of creatures on the road. Lots of screaming. - The train story. - CC - Home - Mac & Evelyn flew back to Auckland. Then visited Rotorua.
Cormorant and Eel
Cormorant and Eel
I'm on holiday in Milford-on-Sea, near Southampton. Lots of the birds here are pretty tame. Nice to get some relatively close-up shots of cormorants! I shot this at dusk, hence the nice light. If it wasn't for some old ladies saying 'ooh, look at that!', I would have missed it. P.S. Once I saw this action in front of me I then ran back to get in the right position vis a vis the sunlight. I find myself getting obsessive about light. If I have my camera with me I find myself watching my shadow and thinking about how the light will play in different areas. It's a nice thing, but obsessive too. It's becoming second nature.

sea watch milford
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