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Pulsar Watch Manuals

pulsar watch manuals
    pulsar watch
  • Pulsar is a brand of watch and a division of Seiko Watch Corporation of America (SCA). While Pulsar was the world's first electronic digital watch, today Pulsar watches are usually analog. They generally use the same movements as the lower-end Seikos such as the 7T62 quartz chronograph movement.
  • A small book
  • A book of the forms to be used by priests in the administration of the sacraments
  • (manual) of or relating to the hands; "manual dexterity"
  • (manual) requiring human effort; "a manual transmission"
  • A book of instructions, esp. for operating a machine or learning a subject; a handbook
  • (manual) a small handbook

The House of Next Tuesday!
The House of Next Tuesday!
The One Mile Control Room is sooo good I shot it twice... I love this desk to pieces. All the dials, switches & buttons govern the allignment & position of the 3 dishes within the One Mile array as well as managing any incoming signals, but my imagination is running suitably riot with other ideas of what they could be for. Must resist pressing the red button, must resist..! Those of you who know their cult animation will get the title of this shot immediately. For those that don't, it is the name of a classic 'Ren & Stimpy' episode about a futuristic home with allsorts of nonsensical mod-cons.
Watching the Watch
Watching the Watch
I'm not gonna lie, this is just an photo I took for a post on my blog, but it's just as easy to put it up here as on my blog.

pulsar watch manuals
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