Mens Big Face Watches : Spy Wrist Watch

Mens Big Face Watches

mens big face watches
  • Look at or observe attentively, typically over a period of time
  • Issued when the risk of hazardous weather is significant.
  • Secretly follow or spy on
  • Traditionally, a 24-hour day is divided into seven watches. These are: midnight to 4 a.m. [0000-0400], the mid-watch; 4 to 8 a.m. [0400-0800], morning watch; 8 a.m. to noon [0800-1200], forenoon watch; noon to 4 p.m. [1200-1600], afternoon watch; 4 to 6 p.m.
  • A watch is a timepiece that is made to be worn on a person. It is usually a wristwatch, worn on the wrist with a strap or bracelet. In addition to the time, modern watches often display the day, date, month and year, and electronic watches may have many other functions.
  • Keep under careful or protective observation
  • (menage) family: a social unit living together; "he moved his family to Virginia"; "It was a good Christian household"; "I waited until the whole house was asleep"; "the teacher asked how many people made up his home"
  • In Roman mythology, Mens, also known as Bona Mens or Mens Bona (Latin for "Good Mind"), was the personification of thought, consciousness and the mind, and also of "right-thinking". Her festival was celebrated on June 8.
  • A microcurrent electrical neuromuscular stimulator or MENS (also microamperage electrical neuromuscular stimulator) is a device used to send weak electrical signals into the body.
  • (of a soldier) Turn in a particular direction
  • Be positioned with the face or front toward (someone or something)
  • Have the face or front pointing in a specified direction
  • confront: deal with (something unpleasant) head on; "You must confront your problems"; "He faced the terrible consequences of his mistakes"
  • confront: oppose, as in hostility or a competition; "You must confront your opponent"; "Jackson faced Smith in the boxing ring"; "The two enemies finally confronted each other"
  • the front of the human head from the forehead to the chin and ear to ear; "he washed his face"; "I wish I had seen the look on his face when he got the news"
  • Of considerable size, extent, or intensity
  • Of a large or the largest size
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  • boastfully: in a boastful manner; "he talked big all evening"
  • extremely well; "his performance went over big"
  • Grown up

London's calling
London's calling
Good evening from the city of Troyes! You will be pleased to hear that i'm so delighted we made it so far today that i'm going to refrain from any sort of trojan horse reference. Instead, let me tell you about yet another strong wind that blew in our faces today. A pain, though we've now well and truely left the mountains and have now more or less left the very rolling hills that seem to make up most of eastern France. We travelled 135km to get here today, our longest day so far, and the map tells us that we're now just 395km from Calais. With a favourable wind, we're expecting to reach the coast in four days. We started early again this morning, as hoards of school children paraded, quite unexpectedly, through the campsite. They were apparently merely on their way to school, which chanced to be through a small wooden door by the urinals in the mens room. I found it hard to believe when a woman simply walked up, unbolted the unmarked door in the corner and called out of nowhere over 100 eight year olds, who nodded politely in my direction before vanishing into this narnian porthole. Behind them followed the gatekeeper, who went through and bolted the door again, leaving me standing beside the toilets wondering what the hell had been slipped into my breakfast. In these last, confusing days of France, the thought of a real bed and shower are our sustenance in the face of the silently sulking stratosphere as it exhausts itself, huffing and puffing as if it would really rather we stayed just a few more days for another cup of tea please. But no thank you, dear weather system. We miss our rainy afternoons, our fish and chips and, after weeks of rural, confusing and quiet French folk, we miss the urban heart beat of Blighty's big and beautiful London. As I blog, I am perched gently on the biggest pillow I have, and likely will ever sit on. It's filled with air, I would guess, and can't be less then ten meters square. It sits silently inflated and under apprecieated in the corner of the campsite, although being a meter tall and bright green, it's hard to miss. Maybe people here just aren't as playful as me? It's true that this evening's entertainment has consisted of watching old people amble by with sticks, wrestling extensively with the resident three legged bitch, Jess, for her stick, and then sitting beside the she-dog wondering if we could combine the two activities in a three legged festival, thinking better of it and playing hide and seek instead. So now that the sun's down and the temperature is dropping out here on the air bed, i'm off. I'll leave you with a conversation dad and I had as we descende the hairpins out of the Massif Centrale. It clearly demonstrates our delicate and considered approach to safety. * * * Wil: You know.. It occured to me that this front bag is only held on by a cable tie, that has proven itself liable to snap unexpectedly on corners. Steve: Well that's dangerous Wil.. That could come off at any minute, and it would go under your wheel and that would be it! Wil: Or worse.. It could go under a car Steve: Would that be worse? Wil: I think so.. It's just that that's the cooking equipment bag, and there's a couple of 230g canisters of compressed butane in there. It could probably take out a lorry if it went under the wheels. Steve: I see your point. Better add another cable tie.

mens big face watches
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