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Casio Watches Stores

casio watches stores
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This is my wristtop computer. I have enhanced the photo so the alphanumeric keypad is visible. To stop camera shake, I rested my arm on the desk, and my cameraphone on a flat-topped bottle. It's a Casio Databank 676 DBC-610. I brought it about 24 years ago, circa 1986. Most of the metal casing has worn off, and I have protected the keypad by wrapping it in high quality tape. You get alternate letters and numbers by repeatedly pressing the same key, in much the same way as mobile phone keypads, only this was on the market a decade before those sorts of phones were available. As well as all the usual clock, timer, stopwatch, calculator etc functions, it will store phone (or other) numbers and text, alphasorted, and most usefully for me, appointments. It will beep when an appointment is due, and scroll a reminder of what the appointment is across the normal display. The grid at the top shows if there are any reminders due over the next two weeks. It is a very useful memory aid. I find it most helpful reminding me when trains/buses are due. I get frequently asked if it's a calculator watch. It has a calculator on it, but then so does my phone, and no one call's that a calculator-phone. At least not for another twenty years I suppose. Now then, should I spell wrist top as "wristtop", or "wristop"? Who would know?
Casio G-Shock GA-100-1A1ER
Casio G-Shock GA-100-1A1ER
Casio G-Shock GA-100-1A1ER. Introduced in january 2010 -- a *brand new model!* As of this writing, the watch is only available from a handful of Ebay sellers and online stores. This is the most stealthy version with blacked out bezel markings, a black dial and negative display. Even the hands are unlumed. The functions are relatively basic compared to more expensive models. The GA100 lacks solar charging or atomic syncing. You do get solid stopwatch, timer and world time functions. One notable feature is the 'speedometer' attached to the stopwatch functions. It allows rudimentary speed/time calculations.

casio watches stores
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