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Player's Handbook

What is your Armis IQ?

Common Knowledge (5pts ea)

  1. What is the official website address for Armis?  

  2. How many squares are on a game board for two players?

  3. How many UNIQUE player pieces are there?

  4. How many pieces are needed on each team? 

  5. Name three MUSTS for set-up? 

  6. What are the only two pieces that can directly take the Nuke? 

  7. What are the three pre-conditions before a Nuke can be activated? 

  8. True or False: There are over a million ways a player can properly set-up?

  9. Name 3 unique pieces that can travel at least 8 available spaces.


  10. Name 3 friendly pieces that cannot board a Submarine under any condition?

  11. What is the maximum number of spaces the Sub can travel in deep-water?

  12. What is the maximum number of spaces the Aircraft Carrier can travel in deep-water?  

  13. Name 2 unconditionally non-offensive pieces? 

  14. Complete the phrase: “playing Armis is like playing ____, _____, ____ and ___ all at the same time”

  15. What does 'friendly-fire' mean? 

  16. Yes or No: Can a Jet take more than one piece during one turn? 

  17. Can the Coast Guard board the Aircraft carrier when it is directly next to it?

  18. Name three of the opponent's pieces that the Child cannot climb over? 

  19. Under what condition can the Flag attack? 

Research Driven (5pts ea)  

  1. Identify 10 regions of the Armis game board.

  2. Name all of your military pieces.

  3. What is the duty of the Flag/country? 

  4. How many boxes make up the Eastern Corridor?

  5. In what way can a Helicopter indirectly take a Nuke? 

  6. In terms of blocks/squares/spaces, what is the maximum impact zone of the Nuke when activated?

  7. Name four ways that someone can lose his Nuke?

  8. What is the maximum number of passengers the Aircraft Carrier can have at any given time?  

  9. Who created the Armis (board game)?

  10. When was Armis board game first trademarked?

  11. Who was the first Certified Armis Instructor?

  12. Explain the meaning of 'conditional offensive'.

  13. What is the meaning of the word Armis?

  14. Name three officially named set-ups.

Armis Genius (20pts ea)

  1. What are three ways to win the game?

  2. Name the two bodies of sea.

  3. Explain how the President can board a Sub without the use of the Coast Guard? 

  4. Why is the Polder Valley space totally different than any other space on the board?

  5. Given the Sub’s max travel distance, can the sub move one space to coastal waters then another space to land? If yes, why; if no, why not?

  6. In an ideal situation, what is the lowest number of moves a player can make to win a game? 

  7. How many squares are on a game board made for four players? 

  8. What is the Armis motto?

  9. Why was Armis created?

Armis IQ Scoring Key

0 - 52 pts - pssst, just call it a practice test

52+ - 100 pts - really gotta play more often  

100+ - 110 pts  - you're pretty smart eh?

110+ - 400 pts  - international genius

400+ pts  - you gotta be an Armis instructor