> Detailed Example of Using the System ~ Planets/Signs/Houses

The image below is my chart and I'm going to show you an interpretation I did back when I was writing the first book in the series. 
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{ Each Planet/Sign/House combination has 64 possible interpretations in this system; 
plenty to choose from! }

Find the sections “Sun”, “Aries” and “9th House” in the B.I.D.E Interpretive System Page, using the Creating A Chart Page if you're unfamiliar with the symbols. Now follow along as I reveal something about myself...

I look at the words and phrases for Sun (and, yes, I do this often, as I hope you will [since Life is always changing and we can always use a fresh perspective]) and I choose: “Focusing”

Now, I look at “Aries” and I choose: “Personal Initiative”

And, now I look at the 9th House and choose: “Bring the Situation to its Highest Expression.”

I chose these based on my current focus on finishing this book and presenting it to the public—my current Major Focus.  (this was written in 2005)

Now, we fill in the blanks:

Here are the “blanks”:
          Function                         Energy                in order to                      Activity
________________ _______________ in order to _________________________

Here are the blanks filled in by me (for my current situation):

Focusing Personal Initiative in order to Bring the Situation to its Highest Expression.

This is an accurate interpretation for these symbols of my birth chart for my present situation—bringing this book to its audience!

O.K., so that’s the Sun and the Major Focus. What about the all-important “Way” I’m going to do that—my Style of Bringing this Situation to its Highest Expression.

Let’s interpret the Moon.

I choose: “Adapting”

And, now the Sign—Libra. Let’s see...: “a Harmonizing Attitude”

And, the House—3rd: “Make Connections.”

So, when I fill in the blanks of the form, I have:
Adapting a Harmonizing Attitude in order to Make Connections.

No fancy mumbo-jumbo here; no higher understanding of progressions or transits or other “tricks of the trade”. All I did was look at my birth potential in my chart and interpret the two most important factors in light of what's going on right now in my life.

When you consider that I’m sitting here writing this and considering the imminent publication of this book, the combination of Sun and Moon (as the two strongest factors in anyone’s chart) are very explicitly meaningful!

Sun = Focusing Personal Initiative in order to Bring the Situation to its Highest Expression.
Moon = Adapting a Harmonizing Attitude in order to Make Connections.

In case you might be wondering how I'm interpreting “Make Connections” in that Moon sentence, it's one thing to write a book and quite another to have people actually look at it. My Style (Moon) of accomplishing my Main Focus (Sun) needs that kind of Connection...

Naturally, these are my interpretations of my current situation. And, to be very honest, what, when you get right down to what ultimately matters, is more important than what Your Interpretation of Your Circumstances is?
Whether they’re “right” or “wrong”, until you find Your Own Meanings, life will not Sing!

The goal, in this first interpretation, is to focus on what’s happening Now and choose the words and phrases that give Voice to that. If you have difficulty doing this, I urge you to Persist and take as much time as necessary to interpret the factors in your chart so they express your Current Situation(s).

Many astrologers will be squirming because I’m not directing you to consider what are called “Progressions” and Transits”. The best I can say is, if the birth chart (the Symbol of Who You Are) can’t answer the question, “What’s going on?”, nothing can. Sure, progressions and transits are important, eventually, once you have a grounding in
what your Birth Chart is “saying”. (Progressions and Transits will be covered in future volumes of the series of books)

So, now I’m thinking, “What should I think about the current situation?”

I look at the words and phrases for Mercury and pick: “Increasing Awareness of”

And, for the Sign (Pisces): “Visionary Initiative”

And, the House (8th): “Merge With Others.”

The full Mercury statement becomes (for now):
Increasing Awareness of Visionary Initiative in order to Merge With Others.

This describes my attitude about how to promote the book (Initiative) intelligently—be very aware of how to merge my ideas with others...

Venus in Taurus in the 10th House:
Evaluating Individual Worth in order to Be Who I Am In The World.

And, right here, we come up against one of those “rules of thumb”—things you just have to know even before you know enough to know why:
Venus is very close to my 10th House, even though it’s actually in the 9th (look back at my chart and see what I mean). When this happens, you need to read the Planet and its Sign into the next House. Trust me...

So, that’s about my feelings right now.

What about the Planet of Action—Mars?
First I choose, “Being Driven by”;
then, “Nurturing Abilities” (Cancer);
then, “Bring the Issue to Its Best Possible Conclusion.” (12th House).
So, my “action plan” is:
Being Driven by Nurturing Abilities in order to Bring the Issue to Its Best Possible Conclusion.

Now, let’s look at the more “Social” planets:

Jupiter (in Libra in the 3rd House [and, Retrograde!]) {By the way, retrograde planets have an “r” next to their position}:
Optimizing Awareness of Others in order to Make Connections.

O.K., but it’s retrograde and I have to consider this affirmation in a very individual way—non-normal. Part of that “non-normal” making of connections (for someone as old as me) is using the Internet extensively!

Saturn (in Cancer in the 12th House):
Clarifying Nurturing Abilities in order to Bring the Issue to Its Best Possible Conclusion.

The same Sign and House meaning as I chose for Mars (could have been different but I wanted them both the same [for now]); and, again, Saturn is actually in the 11th House but very near the 12th, so I read it in the 12th. Don’t be too concerned about “how near” it has to be. If it looks like it’s right there at the line, go ahead and read it into the next House.

Now, we get to the Functions that define the most important Collective activities you can be engaged in—Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

Since these are so “all-inclusive” and “beyond the norm”, I urge you to pause, as you select your meanings, and consider more deeply...

Uranus (in Gemini in the 11th House [ again its really close...]):
Breaking Obsolete Traditions of Intellectual Freedom in order to Give Expression to My Hopes.

This statement may be completely non-sensical to you but, to me (since I'm using the system on myself) it’s crystal clear: What people used to think was intellectual freedom is not what I consider it to be. So, this book is attempting to break those barriers down and the book is definitely an expression of my Hopes!

Neptune (in Libra in the 2nd House [retrograde]):
Dissolving Old Forms of Awareness of Others in order to Ground My Plans.

So, first, I have to look at this meaning from my most individual perspective (retrograde). I really need to see others in a new way, eh?

Pluto (in Leo in the 12th House [retrograde]):
Regenerating Dramatic Concern in order to Bring the Issue to Its Best Possible Conclusion.

Again, I choose the same 12th House meaning even though Pluto is in a different Sign than Saturn and Mars. The retrograde quality here makes me look at “Dramatic Concern” in a different way—not all that “outward”, not “showy”; more “Emphatic”.

So, there you have my interpretation of my own chart in the light of my bringing this book to its completion.

For the interpretation of House cusps, since there is no inherent Planetary function, a simple insertion of the generic word "Using" before the Sign phrase will usually suffice...

If I’d done this exercise for some other point in my life, I would have chosen different meanings (possibly).

This just shows the “elasticity” of the functions of Astrology. Certainly, one factor can't mean what another does; but, they each can have various shades of meaning depending on the circumstances...

What’s the best way to use this interpretive technique?

Stop and think about your most important concerns (past, present or future).

Go through all your Planet/Sign/House combinations and select the most appropriate meanings for the time and issue you have in mind.

Ponder; Consider; Think ( keep a notebook [dated] of your symbolic sentences—over time, you'll learn a lot more with notes like these! ); then...

Take Action.

If it “doesn’t work”, look back at the interpretations you made and change them (if you think it’s necessary [ adding changes to your notebook] ); or, if you think your sentences are “just right”, consider how you didn’t take the right actions or, maybe, didn't take your action in the right “place”.

Realize that Astrology (or, any mental-psychological system) is only as good as the effort we bring to it.

I’ve been using Astrology for over 40 years and my considered opinion is that this system of symbols never “lies”. 

Any problems always have to do with “where I’m at” and how honest I am about what’s going on.

This is a system intended to help you make your Own decisions. Therefore, if I provided exact, explicit answers, you wouldn’t have much to say about the result...


Now, you have a method of having a “Dialogue” with yourself—a way to find deeper answers to the famous question: “What should I do?” By the way, I never intended to have this system consist of only the words and phrases you find in this book.

What’s necessary, for me and you, is to take the words here, work with them, and work to find more words that mean similar things—synonyms!

Pick up any Thesaurus and find the words I’ve given you here. Add other meanings that seem to fit, for you. Expand the system to your own needs! You can even try your hand at rewriting the sentences in your own form or style! In fact, writing out a paragraph (or more) to explain each of the symbolic sentences is not only a good exercise for learning the system, it's a way for you to take the system and make it work for you! I must admit that the true, meaningful interpretations in astrology come from a combination of mind, heart, and experience—using our minds first while letting them be guided by our hearts, then putting what we decided into the realm of experience—using our own interpretations.