> How to Calculate Aspects

Calculating aspects in a chart is as simple as counting by 2's—2, 4, 6, 8...—except we count by 30's—30, 60, 90, 120...

Certain aspects fall right on the divisions by 30 and others don't. But, counting the 30s first then adding the possible fractions is really no sweat.

Let's take the Waxing Quintile as an example. We have a planet at 5° of Aries, let's say. Another planet is at 17° Gemini. We start at 5° Aries and count one 30°-segment to 5° Taurus, then another 30°-segment to 5° Gemini. 17° Gemini is 12° from 5° Gemini so the aspect is 30+30+12 = 72°, the Waxing Quintile.

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