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> B.I.D.E. Full Aspect Cycle

B.I.D.E.'s Full Aspect Cycle
The Phase-Relationships of Functions, Energies, and Activities

© Alexander M Zoltai

For a penetrating analysis of the Full-Cycle approach to aspects please see Michael R. Meyer's brillant essay.

» All Aspects Measured from the Slower to the Faster Function «

Phase One
Begins at 0°

Begins a New Cycle of Actualization by
Engenders New Possibilities by
Lets the Past Meet the Future by
Closes One Cycle and Opens Another by

Phase Two
Waxing SemiSextile
Begins at 30°

Creates a New Pattern for Action by
Cushions the Impact of the Past by
Begins a Process of Rising Above the Past by
Begins the Development of Plans by

Phase Three
Waxing Decile
Begins at 36°

Engenders a Specific Plan by
Creates a Future-Oriented Impulse by
Creates Possible Solutions by
Defends Against Past Failure by

Phase Four
Waxing Novile
Begins at 40°

Cultivates New Qualities by
Refines New Possibilities by
Supplies Nourishment for Growth by
Adds Momentum to the Process by

Phase Five
Waxing Octile
Begins at 45°

Works to Overcome Restrictions by
Struggles with Constraints by
Incorporates the Best of the Past by
Aids Important Decision-Making by

Phase Six
Waxing Septile
Begins at 52.43°

Engenders Affirmation of Plans by
Realizes Confirmation of Aspirations by
Can Bring Unexpected Help by
Induces a Positive Approach by

Phase Seven
Waxing Sextile
Begins at 60°

Increases Awareness of More Inclusive Considerations by
Improves Interaction with Surrounding Conditions by
Induces New Ways of Organizing the Situation by
Helps Define the Context of the Situation by

Phase Eight
Waxing Quintile
Begins at 72°

Increases Applied Creativity by
Enhances Individualized Approaches by
Favors Development of New Tools and Systems by
Intensifies Objective Appraisal by

Phase Nine
Waxing BiNovile
Begins at 80°

Creates Ground for Further Growth by
Enhances Processes and Techniques by
Widens the Field for Development by
Increases the Momentum for Evolution by

Phase Ten
Waxing Square
Begins at 90°

Provides for a Break with Past Compulsions by
Impels Decisive Future-Oriented Action by
Creates the Conditions for Stability through the Efforts of
Induces Courage to Face Crises by

Phase Eleven
Waxing BiSeptile
Begins at 102.86°

Induces Certainty of Intent by
Brings Holistic Clarity to Plans by
Increases Positive Persistence by
Reveals the Ramifications of Actions by

Phase Twelve
Waxing TriDecile
Begins at 108°

Enables Creative Contribution by
Helps Deal with the Ramifications of Actions by
Helps Clarify Responsibilites by
Induces New Levels of Creative Potential by

Phase Thirteen
Waxing Trine
Begins at 120°

Brings a Sense of Future Fulfillment by
Impels Determined Accomplishment by
Protects Against Passivity by
Induces Creative Imagination by

Phase Fourteen
Waxing TriOctile
Begins at 135°

Impels Action to Overcome Obstacles by
Supplies the Power to Meet Demands by
Creates the Means to Fulfill Requirements by
Helps Realign Goals Toward the Future by

Phase Fifteen
Waxing BiQuintile
Begins at 144°

Creates the Power of Truly Individualized Activity by
Induces an Ability to Emphatically Escape "Ghosts of the Past" by
Helps in the Expression of Creative Solutions by
Aids the Development of Required Resources by

Phase Sixteen
Waxing Quincunx
Begins at 150°

Induces Reflection on the Path to Fulfillment by
Supports Effective Operation at a New Level by
Enables "Damage Control", if Necessary, by
Guides Introspective Evaluation of Plans by

Phase Seventeen
Waxing TriSeptile
Begins at 154.29°

Increases Awareness of the Interplay of Forces in the Situation by
Induces a Sense of Attunement with a Higher Purpose by
Helps to Decrease Self-Deception by
Reveals Higher Functionality of Necessary Qualities by

Phase Eighteen
Waxing QuadNovile
Begins at 160°

Increases a Sense of Nurturant Awareness by
Helps Perfect the Cultivation of Plans by
Induces a Sense of Worthiness of Goals by
Increases Awareness of the Actualization of Potential by

Phase Nineteen
Begins at 180°

Resonants in Polarity with
Helps Realign the Situation Toward Sharing by
Creates the Energy to Become More Inclusive by
Is Reborn into a Larger Sphere of Activity by

Phase Twenty
Waning QuadNovile
Begins at 200°

Helps Realize the Value of Unconditional Inclusiveness by
Creates an Awareness of New Social Possiblities by
Releases Ingathering Potentials by
Aids in Exploring Communal Responses by

Phase Twenty-One
Waning TriSeptile
Begins at 205.71°

Increases Awareness of Place and Purpose by
Develops a Sense of Destiny by
Illumines the Power of Social Purpose by
Aids Realization of Attunement with the Social Realm by

Phase Twenty-Two
Waning Quincunx
Begins at 210°

Expands Social Horizons by
Aids Development of Group Experience by
Induces a Sense of Shared Values by
Increases Sharing of Ideals by

Phase Twenty-Three
Waning BiQuintile
Begins at 216°

Aids Exploration of Underlying Social Forces by
Instills a Desire to Develop Socially Viable Skills by
Increases the Ability to Be a Socially Creative Force by
Induces Greater Meaning and Understanding by

Phase Twenty-Four
Waning TriOctile
Begins at 225°

Creates Acceptance of Involvement in a Social Whole by
Deepens Awareness of the Universal Context of the Situation by
Instills a Desire for Making Valuable Social Contributions by
Expands the Promotion and Integration of Skills Within the Social Realm by

Phase Twenty-Five
Waning Trine
Begins at 240°

Induces Insight into the Needs of Society by
Impels Understanding of the Attitudes of Others by
Creates the Desire to Understand the Past and Future as One-Whole-Process by
Instills a Creative Understanding of the Illusion of an Either/Or Attitude by

Phase Twenty-Six
Waning TriDecile
Begins at 252°

Increases Awareness of the Implications of Past Actions by
Impells the Need to Realize Inadequate Responses and the Will to Rectify the Situation by
Integrates Personal Performance with the Needs of the Whole by
Rejuvenates Participation in the Social Realm by

Phase Twenty-Seven
Waning BiSeptile
Begins at 257.14°

Incorporates Creative Ideals into the Social Situation by
Instills the Desire for Creative Integration into a Larger Whole by
Aids the Conscious Assumption of a Critical Social Role by
Creates Awareness of the Need for Individualized Acceptance of Necessary Social Values by

Phase Twenty-Eight
Waning Square
Begins at 270°

Increases Dedication to Social Transformation by
Shifts the Attitudes of the Group by
Reorients Inadequate Responses Toward Social Viability by
Uproots Unnecessary Attitudes and Values by

Phase Twenty-Nine
Waning BiNovile
Begins at 280°

Establishes a Prototype of Creative Social Interaction by
Instills Inclusiveness as the Standard for Action by
Nourishes Wholeness of Response by
Directs the Growth of Large-Scale Integration by

Phase Thirty
Waning Quintile
Begins at 288°

Induces a Focus on Creative Contribution to a Large Whole by
Increases the Need for Unique Participation in a Social Process by
Engages a Drive Toward Social Creativity by
Instills an Awareness of One's Powers as Gifts to the Whole by

Phase Thirty-One
Waning Sextile
Begins at 300°

Instills a Desire for Aiding Social Organization by
Induces Full Integration into a Social Whole by
Increases the Desire to Promote Shared Values by
Stresses the Need for Quality Commitment by

Phase Thirty-Two
Waning Septile
Begins at 308.57°

Induces a Committment to Embody a Needed Social Quality by
Instills Dedication to Fully Live a Social Role by
Aids Intimate Realignment of Chosen Collective Goals by
Increases Substantive Contributions to a Larger Whole by

Phase Thirty-Three
Waning Octile
Begins at 315°

Induces Self-Sufficient Effectiveness in Social Action by
Challenges Imperfections with Renewed Committment to Excellence by
Impells a Constructive In-Gathering of Forces by
Destroys Whatever Impedes a Movement Toward Culmination by

Phase Thirty-Four
Waning Novile
Begins at 320°

Consolidates the Culmination of Social Activities by
Impels the Disintegration of Unworthy Motives by
Aids in the Evaluation of Contributions to a Larger Whole by
Enables a Seed-Planting of Future Possibilities by

Phase Thirty-Five
Waning Decile
Begins at 324°

Aids in the Perpetuation of Important Goals by
Induces Deep Transformation of "Lost" Opportunities by
Instills the Potential to Envision New Beginnings by
Creates the Possibility for the Creative "Marriage" of Past and Future by

Phase Thirty-Six
Waning SemiSextile
Begins at 330°

Enables Deep Evaluation of a Process by
Shows the Totality of Relative "Success" and "Failure" by
Instills Acute Sensitivity to the Needs of a Larger Whole by
Aids Deeply Creative Re-Evaluation of Values and Goals by