Email: mmirzane{at}tulane{dot}edu

309B Stanley Thomas Building,

Tulane University, New Orleans, US.

I am Majid Mirzanezhad, a Ph.D. candidate at Tulane University, Department of Computer Science. My main research area lies in Computational Geometry, Algorithms and Data Structure. More specifically, I am working on geometric data structures for uncertain curves and graph simplification. My adviser is Dr. Carola Wenk.

Research Interests: Computational Geometry - Geographic Information system (GIS) - Algorithm and Data Structure -Theoretical Computer Science - Artificial Intelligence.

Journals and Conferences Reviews:

Algorithmica - Symposium on Computational Geometry’20 (SoCG) - Journal of Computational Geometry'19 (JoCG) - Canadian Conference on Computational Geometry’19 (CCCG) - European Symposium on Algorithms’19 (ESA) - GeoInformatica Journal - Journal of Spatial Information Science (JOSIS) - Iranian Conference on Computational Geometry (ICCG) - Journal of Information Processing Letters (IPL) - Journal of ACM Transaction on Spatial Algorithms and Systems (TSAS) - Symposium on Computational Geometry’18 (SoCG) - European Symposium on Algorithms’18 (ESA) - European Workshop on Computational Geometry’18 (EWCG) - ACM SIGSPATIAL’18 - ACM SIGSPATIAL’17 - SIAM: Algorithm Engineering and Experiments’17 (ALENEX)


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