CAS Creativity Hours


Stitches From The Heart:  Crochet blankets and hats for babies in need. The items are donated to hospitals all over the country.  Patterns are available.   Info: 877-985-9212 or

PAL TV:  A television show directed, produced and hosted by you. Join the crew or cast.  Matt Garcia Youth Center250 Travis Blvd.   Info:  422-6288


Creative Writing, Poetry Jam and Pizza: Join Corina's Composition Crew at the Matt Garcia Youth Center, 250 Travis Blvd. Info:  422-6288

Diploma candidates must complete 150 hours of CAS (fifty hours in each of the three areas).  Certificate candidates are strongly encouraged to complete CAS hours as well, although they are not required to do so as part of the program.  Select your options below or get more info here:
**  Service
**  Action
** Creativity (perhaps the hardest to complete)
There are many more ways  for you to get your hours; click here for some other ideas.
Daniel Harrison,
Aug 7, 2010, 3:56 PM