Investigate and Entrepreneurship: Two competences to improve the quality of the initial training of teachers.

This project settled in the competences of research and entrepreneurship expects to generate a qualitative boost in the initial training of teachers. The main objective is the “development and assessment of strategies which favors the work of two transversal competences: the scientific competences to favor the ability of reasoning and of investigation; and the competences related with the innovation and creativity to increase enterprising. Both these competences are developed with the aim of relating the investigations and the practice in the university and school classrooms”.

The project will design strategies and practices in the university classroom to develop the ability of reasoning and being creative inside the curriculum by using innovative methodologies based on research. It will generate a list of indicators which will allow evaluating both competences and it will settle in demonstrating how these two competences of research and undertaking are improved if some abilities are coached in the classrooms. The research team is formed by university professors of different branches of knowledge and with a lot of experience in schools, directors of a public school and a private and “concertada” one, a university teacher who is an expert in successful teaching performances and a teacher who is an expert in enterprising.

It’s an exploratory and local project but with an extended dimension because it can contribute to give response to the different information replied at an international level and it’s extrapolated to any faculty of education.   



1. It is being asked an improvement in the quality of the initial training of the future teachers (European Commission 2020) due to the fact that the teaching of the teachers in the classroom is the intern factor which influences the most the student’s results. García Garrido (2008) o Sarramona (2008) point out that it is unanimously considerate that the quality of the teachers is one of the variables which most influence the pupil’s results and the initial instruction is one key ingredient to achieve it. 

2. The last international reports claim the attention about the training in research (COM, 2012, Working Document 2) and entrepreneurship (COM 2007, 2008, 2012) given that facilitate:

  • Learning throughout life.
  • The transfer of knowledge.
  • The employment.
  •  Autonomy and the capacity of administer oneself
  • The capacity to administer complexit

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