This Bushwick gallery in Brooklyn, NY is a nonprofit, artist-run art space that promotes and supports artists working in traditional methods by providing free creative services and exhibition space while involving the local community of artists and non-artists, alike.

Art openings, music performances, and exhibits are all free and open to the public. All art sales go to the artist. 

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BuskNY presents
October 3-12, 2014 (Opened October 3)

Subway arts organization BuskNY presented a night of subway artist advocacy amidst the NYPD’s much publicized “crackdown” on subway performers. As the 'Broken Windows' policies of NYPD Commissioner William Bratton have led to ejections, tickets, and arrests of performers in contradiction of the MTA's own laws on artistic performance, BuskNY has led efforts to record these interactions and bring them to the public, and worked to draw attention to the consequences of an attack on one of the last public spaces where music and dance can be shared with millions of members of the public for free.

The opening party featured live performances by award-winning subway performers, including sculptor Ming Liang Lu, dance crew Waffle Life, and violinist Filip Pogady. High Line artist David Everitt-Carlson also provided an interactive painting workshop. The exhibit showcased some of the best-known freelance visual artists to have used the subway in their work, including Steven Bartoo, Yehuda Blum, Edwin "EQ" Class, David Everitt-Carlson, Sharlene Chou, Joan Iaconetti, Ming Liang Lu, Ron Richter, Marina Ross, Michah Saperstein, Kalan Sherrard, Rie Shimamura, Lorena Toyos, Milo Wissig, Chris Wright, and Heidi Younger.

Rebecca Norton
"Cool Translations"
September 12-27, 2014 (Opened September 12)
This exhibit gave visitors the unique opportunity to view a series of experimental pieces by Rebecca Norton, painted in the very early morning hours that capture fleeting light and color. The show featured paintings in gouache and vinyl on glass. Rebecca Norton paints with a cartographer's precision and her muses, math and philosophy, give her abstractions the important purposes of mapping both knowledge and incomprehension, expressing the space between movement and stillness, becoming and being undone, and documenting the inanimate object as well as the emotional depths of intimacy. (Visit

Brooklyn Collage Collective
Group Show, Episode #3
August 15-23, 2014 (Opened August 15)
Write up by Greenpointers, "Tonight! Brooklyn Collage Collective Closing Party" (August 23, 2014)


Milo Wissig
"Rental Havens"
July 18-August 3, 2014 (Opening July 18)
In Wissig's style of richly layering oil and acrylic paint, he conducts a tender study of cramped, temporary, cluttered spaces where people cultivate their lives, live with the ones they love, study, and make art. This exhibition highlighted Wissig's talent for painting intimate moments vividly, rendered in full color, as though captured in full daylight. For more information about Milo Wissig, visit and read "Anything But Ordinary, Studio Visit With Milo Wissig" Christian Kelly's write up for the Arts in Bushwick Blog (November 13, 2013).

May 30-June 1, 2014
Bushwick Open Studios
In Christian Finbar Kelly's open studio (BOS listing #247), he and Roberta Felice Sutton exhibited portraits of inmate artists and photographs of prison art and San Quentin Prison, itself. Photos in the series were taken over a weekend in October 2013 and printed in the Armature Art Space dark room. The show included several other recent pieces, including a life size statue of 295 emulsion transfers from slide film, polaroid transfers made from polaroid and fuji film, cyanotypes, and other works made from alternative film methods.

April 11-May 10, 2014
Peter Le Grand
Dressed In Light-25 Years of Photographs of the Nude
In this retrospective of Le Grand's luminescent infrared portraits, Le Grand invited us to rediscover tone, texture, and light. Infrared photography captures tones otherwise inaccessible to human perception by recording infrared radiation that is reflected and transmitted differently than visible light. All prints are silver gelatin or Polaroid. Art opening featured live music from Orange Burn. Promotional press.

March 8, 2014
BRAZE1WORKZ presents: A New York Experience
A group of NYC-born artists bring streetwise visions indoors from the overhangs. Come join featured artists Staten Island based graffiti legend Jay Sayers, New York native photographer with a knack for shooting obscure places and spaces Albert Perez, and Lower East Side born and breed Tattoo artist Christopher Salgado as he shows his work on canvas for the first time. Plus the music of Jazz Abstract, a funk fusion band featuring Adam Marr, John Purvis, Jay Sayers, and Ivo Lorenz.

October 31, 2013
Armature Art Space is Hell's Gate (First Annual Halloween Show)
Featuring haunting works by Christian Finbar Kelly, Gowoon Kim, Andie Misler, Scott Nyerges, Arjuna Routte-Prieur, Roberta Sutton, and Milo Wissig

September 20-22/2013
Jessica Bottalico and Melissa Murray

August 23-September 7, 2013
The Love Show: I Profess My Love to Roberta Through a Collection of ART
Co-founder, Christian Finbar Kelly organized this group art show for co-founder Roberta Felice Sutton, on the eve of their wedding. Featuring good vibes from Maria Christina Alvarez, Jessica Bottalico, Katheryn Brokate & Krista Knapp, Sarah Brook, Gustavo Dao, Christian Finbar Kelly, Maria Kondratiev, Virginia Lawther, Melissa Murray, Rebecca Norton, Alexa Rast, Mario Reets, Arjuna Routte-Prieur, Roberta Felice Sutton, Christopher Stout, and Milo Wissig. Music Mix provided by D.J. Drew Redmond

August 1-17, 2013
Alexa Rast
Recent works in ink, graphite, and wax on paper
Alexa Rast's works are categorically abstract, but they are created from a process of tracing and incorporating real materials, light, and shadow, so they feel like an objective record of what was.The results are both ethereal and concrete. From these simple materials, Rast builds images of great depth. In her large works, she creates a great distance by building and blurring layers of lines and wax, and creates foregrounds with fine lines of graphite that tremble in sharp relief. The effect is mesmerizing. Rast's strengths are her excellent articulation of space, illustration of movement, and keen ability to keep her work concise and genuinely intriguing--a fundamental challenge for all artists, whether they work in realism or abstraction. When viewing Rast's work, metaphors readily leap to mind--seclusion and solitude, a tangle of synapses, nests of creativity. One playful piece might remind you of the short life of a coffee mug ring, while another makes you contemplate eternity.

July 11-28, 2013
Maria Christina Alvarez
Recent works in oil on canvas and board
Alvarez' gigantic, vibrant oil paintings are painstakingly created in hundreds of layers of color and gloss. Much of her work is realist, with portraits of over-sized pigeons, though surreal urban landscapes are ever present in the background. Alvarez is recently experimenting, successfully, in abstraction; her paintings of barking dogs and crowds of people are rough and loose, allowing the viewer to experience her brushstrokes vicariously.

June 14-28, 2013
Arjuna Routte-Prieur
Retrospective and recent works in ink, acrylic, oil paint, and collage.
Excerpt from "Pieces of Quiet, Fragments of Noise" in Arts in Bushwick Blog, June 2, 2013: "Routte-Prieur creates richly colored drawings so colorful they could be mistaken for paintings, with minimal color and maximal detail. He regularly works from his imagination and memory rather than a sitting model, still life, or photograph. And, just as a dream is populated with material and experience from day to day life, his art is drawn from his emotional recollection of beloved faces and skylines. In his completed works, Arjuna (and those close to him) regularly name the faces of loved ones that emerge from previously unrecognized details and traits."

May 31-June 2, 2013
Bushwick Open Studios
Group show featuring Jessica Bottalico, Clara Sofia Fenadez, Christian Finbar Kelly, Melissa Murray, Alexa Rast, and Roberta Sutton

April 13-May 11, 2013
ARENA (Pilot Show)
Bushwick Ridgewood Frieze Night, May 11

Group show, featuring Maria Christian Alvarea, Chana Benjiman, Clara Sofia Fernandez, Isa Ho, Christian Finbar Kelly, Roberta Sutton, Alexa Rast, with Jeffery Kant on piano

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