This Bushwick gallery in Brooklyn, NY is a nonprofit, artist-run art space that promotes and supports artists working in traditional methods by providing free creative services and exhibition space while involving the local community of artists and non-artists, alike.

Art openings, music performances, and exhibits are all free and open to the public. All art sales go to the artist. 


Christian Finbar Kelly, artist, photographer, and writer. Visit

Roberta Felice Sutton, artist, painter, and writer.

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Armature Art Space aims to be the support (or "armature") on which artists can express themselves and around which artists may build community.

Armature seeks to empower artists at early and/or critical stages in their creative lives. The cooperative aims to identify unestablished artists who are often part of a vulnerable creative population, increasingly underemployed or unemployed, who risk losing their art or living space, who are often at risk of terminating their creative pursuits, and who do not have opportunities to exhibit their work.

Armature provides artists with advisory services, whether organizing an exhibition or group show, promotion, drafting creative statements, biographies, pricing works, and/or curating the show, all in a supportive and collaborative environment, while never charging a fee for anything.

We believe we can build community by bringing together artists and non-artists alike for free events and for participatory planning meetings where we come up with themes for future art shows. In this way, Armature intends to amplify the community’s voice, raise cultural awareness, and invest the community in art events.

Armature Art Space, Inc. is located at 316 Weirfield Street, Brooklyn, NY 11237.
Reach us via email, facebook, tweet, or tumblr.